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9 Workouts For Anyone With No Time, No Weights, And No Training

With easy-to-follow directions so they're worth your half hour.

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Here are 9 different, free workouts that require no fancy equipment or skills:


1. For when the only way to make a workout happen is Netflix:

Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

You could totally do this workout on your couch in your underwear. It's less ~do-anywhere~ than all the others (especially if you're in your knickers), but you could easily adapt this to anyplace with an available bench or chair.

For a workout you can do at home but without a couch, check out this plank variation series.

Get all the moves here.

2. For the days you want to do cardio but *despise* running:

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

To do this outside, find a grassy patch to be your workout mat. (If you do like running, check out these workouts.)

Get the details on this workout here.

3. For drowsy mornings after a late night of studying or partying:

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

FYI if you're more than the smallest bit hungover, it's better to rest and rehydrate, according to exercise physiologist Harry Pino, PhD, of the Sports Performance Center at NYU Langone Medical Center. (For hydration inspiration, check out these 3-ingredient fruit water ideas.)

Get more details on this workout + a more intense version of it here.

4. For the gym trips where you forget your sneakers:

You can do all but one of the moves here either barefoot or in socks — just swap out the squat jump for a simple squat, or maybe a plié squat, for stability.

Get the workout routine here.


5. For days that you need to fit a workout into your study schedule:

Lauren Zaser / Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

Do parts A and B; spend 30 minutes studying; repeat.

Get more variations on this workout here, and get the breakdown on how to do the individual moves here.

6. For the times when your kids insist on working out with you:

Jon Premosch / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Even better, turn it into a game, like superhero training, spy training, or a competition.

Learn all the moves here.

7. For the times you're at the airport on a never-ending layover:

You can move through the sequence more quickly to raise your heart rate (or more slowly to...not do that), hold or gradually move through a particular pose to strengthen or stretch those muscles, and easily add any other yoga poses you love to the sequence.

Sun salutations are also kind of a universal language for people who have taken some yoga — so you might inspire others who know the sequence to join you.

Get a full walk-through of how to do each pose here.

8. For family vacations with a tight itinerary and no free time:

Get this mini-circuit done before everyone wakes up; repeating everything five times theoretically only takes 15 minutes.

Read the full how-to for this workout here.

9. For workdays where you feel chained to your desk:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

If the office is empty, you could even do this before you head home. And after your cool down (or maybe once you get home) try these 3 yoga poses for stress relief.

Learn how to do these moves and get more 10-minute butt workouts here.