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    9 Workouts For Anyone With No Time, No Weights, And No Training

    With easy-to-follow directions so they're worth your half hour.

    Calling anyone who wants to stay in shape....

    ....But doesn't want to spend the time and money it can take!

    Here are 9 different, free workouts that require no fancy equipment or skills:

    1. For when the only way to make a workout happen is Netflix:

    2. For the days you want to do cardio but *despise* running:

    3. For drowsy mornings after a late night of studying or partying:

    4. For the gym trips where you forget your sneakers:

    5. For days that you need to fit a workout into your study schedule:

    6. For the times when your kids insist on working out with you:

    7. For the times you're at the airport on a never-ending layover:

    8. For family vacations with a tight itinerary and no free time:

    9. For workdays where you feel chained to your desk:

    Now that that's done...