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14 Big-Batch Cocktails That Won't Break The Bank

The proof is in the punch!

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Unless otherwise noted, all of the costs were calculated using FreshDirect, so they will vary depending on your location.

1. Strawberry Rosé Punch that, with a few minutes of prep at home, would be easy to mix up at your friend's birthday party.

Total cost: $16.47

Double the recipe with an extra bag of strawberries and a second bottle of rosé, and your total is just barely over budget — $30.95. (Skip the pricey fresh strawberry and mint garnish, though.)

Cost breakdown:

Rosé - $9.99

Frozen strawberries - $4.49

Sprite - $1.99

Simple syrup - free, if you make your own.

Get the recipe from Sugar and Soul.

2. Gingery Bud Light Lime Punch that's so refreshing even your beer snob friends won't believe you when you tell them what's in it.

Total cost: $21.43

Make it the way the recipe says and you'll only use two cans of ginger beer and one BLL; to make it stronger, add more of each of those in a 2:1 ratio, but keep the lemonade the same.

Cost breakdown:

6-pack of Ginger Beer - $5.99

6-pack of Bud Light Lime - $9.99

Carton of lemonade - $2.49

2 lemons + 2 limes for garnish - $2.96

Get the recipe on The Cookie Rookie.

3. Pineapple Rum Punch that'll put you in a ~vacation mindset~, even if you're chilling in your backyard.

Total cost: $29.66

To make a second batch, splurge on an extra bottle of prosecco!

Cost breakdown:

Rum - $11.99

Prosecco - $9.99

Can of pineapple juice, 46 oz. - $3.19

Frozen pineapple - $4.49

Get the recipe on Crazy for Crust.

4. Simple Gin Punch, for a weekend trip with foodie friends who "just don't enjoy" tropical cocktails.

I don't believe them either, but whatever — this citrusy blend holds its own against any rum concoction.

Total cost: $29.15

You'll have just enough ingredients for two batches.

Cost breakdown:

Gin - $15.99

Bottle of grapefruit juice - $4.39

Carton of lemonade - $2.49

Bottle of sparkling water - $1.69

Honey for simple syrup - $4.59

Get the full recipe on Distillerista.

5. Vodka-optional Cucumber Lime Punch that'll keep you cool on even the hottest summer nights.

Total cost: $6.15 if you make it as the recipe describes; $22.14 if you swap some of the soda out for vodka

Cost breakdown:

Vodka - $15.99

Sprite - $1.99

Can of frozen limeade - $2.19*

Cucumber - $0.79

2 limes - $1.18

Get the recipe on The Food Charlatan.

*Priced from because FreshDirect doesn't carry this item.

6. No-Fail Fresca Sangria that comes together so quickly you'll want to make it every weekend.

Eddie Ross /

Total cost: $20.47 + the cost of the fruit you add

There's wiggle room in the budget that you could use either to buy a third bottle of cheap wine or to upgrade your two bottles of wine. You'll use 3 cans of Fresca per bottle of wine.

Cost breakdown:

12-pack of Fresca - $6.49

2 bottles of a $6.99 white wine - $13.98

Fruit - $9.53 remaining

Get the recipe from Eddie Ross.

7. Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade, great for a cook-at-home date night on a budget.

Total cost: $27.83

Cost breakdown:

Whiskey - $14.99

Fresh blackberries - $7.98

2 lemons - $1.78

Rosemary - $1.29

Bottle of club soda - $1.79

Get the recipe from Life as a Strawberry.

8. Whiskey Sour Party Punch that might just be the answer to the brunch you offered to host next week.

Total cost: $29.45

To have enough for a second batch, buy a larger bottle of orange juice and two extra lemons.

Cost breakdown:

Bourbon - $14.99

Bottle of OJ - $1.69

Triple sec - $8.99

2 lemons - $1.78

Sprite - $1.99

Get the recipe on Tastefully Eclectic.

9. Fresh Watermelon Mojitos, for the evening your in-laws are coming over and you need something ~impressive~.

Total cost: $24.73

Cost breakdown:

Rum - $11.99

Watermelon - $7.99

Fresh mint leaves - $9.96

6 limes - $3

Bottle of soda water - $1.79

Get the recipe on Cook Crave Inspire.

10. Two-Ingredient Champagne Punch that'll be the hit of your wedding shower, or your celebrating-being-single night with your best single friend.

Total cost: $22.97

Spend a little more on an extra bottle of cava and you can make two batches!

Cost breakdown:

Extra dry cava - $12.99

Sorbet of your choice - $5.99

Raspberries - $3.99

Get the recipe on Crazy for Crust.

11. Bourbon & Sweet Peach Tea Punch that's perfect to sip whenever you're doing anything that's even remotely similar to sitting on a porch.

Total cost: $26.75

Cost breakdown:

Bourbon - $14.99

Black tea bags - $5.99

Peach nectar - $3.99

2 lemons - $1.78

Get the recipe from Rachael Ray Magazine.

12. White Wine and Lemonade Punch that'll convince your book club you're a drink genius.

Total cost: $17.95

Cost breakdown:

White wine - $6.99+

Jug of lemonade - $4.29*

Sprite - $1.99

Frozen strawberries - $3.79

1 lemon - $0.89

Get the recipe on Crafty 'n' Delish With Sara.

*Priced from because FreshDirect doesn't carry this item.

13. Summer Berry Sangria that you can quickly throw together on the everyone's-at-your-house-to-watch-the-game days.

Total cost: $28.33

Cost breakdown:

1 liter of Merlot - $9.99

Triple sec - $8.99

Orange + lemon + lime - $2.77

Frozen berries - $4.59

Any soda - $1.99

Get the recipe on Cooking With Curls.

14. Three-Ingredient Margaritas that are cheap enough that you could host Margarita Mondays all the way into September.

Total cost: $26.05

Cost breakdown:

Limeade concentrate - $2.19*

3 oranges - $3.87

Tequila - $19.99

*Priced from because FreshDirect doesn't carry this item.

Get the recipe on The Wife Cooks Too.