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    32 Truly Excellent Under-$50 Products You Can Get At Walmart

    Incredible budget-friendly finds.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Some Prive Revaux sunglasses so you can expand your cool summertime shades collection without busting your budget.


    Many of their styles are also polarized, which means they reduce glare — key if you drive frequently, IMO.

    Promising reviews: "I love these glasses. Polarizing tint provides great vision even when driving east or west in the summer Florida sun. Frames are lightweight and balanced. Value prices and perform like $200 frames and lens." —Joseph K.

    "Can't believe how inexpensive these are when you consider how well made they are. Really sturdy frame, great sun-blocking — every detail is perfect and high quality!!! I am so excited I tried this brand out and can't wait to try their other designs." —Frieda Tower

    Price: $29.95 each, whether you opt for The Madam (four mirrored colors available), The Chairman (three lens/frame color combos available), or one of the 14 styles in the full collection.

    2. A super-cushioned gel mat designed to give your feet some sweet relief whether you're prepping veggies, perfecting your spaghetti sauce, or just washing dishes at the end of the day.


    Its stain-resistant surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth or mop.

    Promising review
    : "I've now bought two of these. One wasn't enough. Gelpro mats cost more than some—but oh my, they are so worth it. I've tried the cheaper mats and they're nowhere near as comfy. Most of them are hard to clean, too. I like to cook, and I really believe I'm less tired after when I stand on my Gelpro mats for the prep and washing up." —emarie

    Price: $39.95+ (five colors available in two sizes)

    3. A wall-mounted wine rack because your fave wine place gives a discount if you buy six or more bottles at a time, and this makes the perfect place to display them before you drink 'em.


    Price: $44.29

    (If you don't quite have the space for something so grand, also check out a foldable countertop wine rack for $17.99.)

    4. A classic reversible tote that can fit everything you need for the day while still looking sleek — and like it cost wayyyy more than you paid for it.

    Walmart, Jessica Seib / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I'm the queen of all things cheap, so please believe me when I tell you that this affordable bag is a MUST-HAVE. This reversible bag is a spot-on dupe for more expensive totes, and it carries everything I need — a 13" Macbook, charger(s), headphones, makeup, wallet, full-sized dog, queen bed, you name it! I'll admit, I ordered three, but I have zero regrets. The quality was the biggest surprise upon arrival. It's super sturdy and able to take on a commuter girl's struggles in and around a big city. It has easily become my latest broke-girl staple piece." —Jessica Seib (check out her full review for more.)

    Price: $13.97 (currently only available in silver/black).

    5. A cube shelf so you can show off your favorite books, plants, and photos while stashing away kids toys, gaming head seats and controllers, and extra cords.


    Promising review:"This little unit is really terrific! Very solid and surprisingly holds a dearly-loved stereo/radio with speakers! It looked so good by my TV, I ordered a second one and now have an impromptu entertainment unit. Mine is rustic gray which is rich-looking. Assembly is a breeze!" —LisaBelle

    Price: $29.88 for the shelf, $11.34 for the bin.

    6. A pair of lightly-distressed ankle-length jeans from Sofia Vergara's collection that will be perfect for showing off all your favorite spring sneakers and sandals.


    Promising review: "The jeans are SUPER comfortable and fit to perfection. They are also very chic and can be dressed up or down. This is a gem for the price! Love them!" —Ange

    Price: $24.50 (sizes 0-20)

    7. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, a hair mask you wear for 10 minutes before you shower that can help strengthen your strands no matter what hair type you happen to have.

    Instagram: @olaplex

    Promising review: "I use this as a deep conditioner every two weeks and leave the product in for two hours — yes, two hours. My hairs is unbelievably softer, more manageable and healthier. I recommend for anyone who has their hair colored in any way." —SweatBeat

    Price: $20.99

    8. Some produce savers that really will keep berries, spinach, lettuce, bell peppers, and all kinds of fruit and veggies day-one fresh for nearly two full weeks.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    I know these work because I've tried 'em, and have been using them consistently for nearly a year now — you can read my full Rubbermaid Freshworks review for more! (They're also 100% top-rack dishwasher safe; I run 'em through all the time).

    Promising review: "I stored a head of romaine lettuce plus a head of escarole in the large size, and just took what I needed from the container over two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the romaine was very fresh, and only the stem of the escarole looked dark. I intend to purchase the other two sizes for smaller types of produce. I think these containers work to extend the food's life, thereby eliminating waste and saving money; they are a good value and they pay for themselves quickly in savings." —Espo24

    Price: $14.88 for the large, lettuce size; $10.98 for the medium, strawberry size; and $6.29 for the small, blackberry size.

    9. A stamp-in gel so you almost never have to scrub the toilet down again — it works every time you flush to keep the bowl sparkling clean for weeks at a time.

    Scrubbing Bubbles, Walmart

    After you finish your regular cleaning, simply press it on just below the rim. You'll have to re-stamp every 12 days or so, depending on how often the toilet gets flushed, but if you keep up with it, it'll keep things tidy! Oh, and make sure to stamp it somewhere it won't become a, well, "target" and get sprayed off before its time.

    Promising review: "I'm a single man in my 60's and keep my home pretty clean. A couple of years ago I discovered this product and I've never stopped using it. These are all I need to clean the toilet. This does the work for me. After about a week and a half or two the glob becomes cloudy and about one third the original size. So I give the bowl a quick going over with the brush and what's left of the glob and the toilet is really clean and fresh smelling. I apply another blob and forget about it for another week or two. I only wish all cleaning products worked as well as these little things. They really are "Scrubbing Bubbles"!" —Firemandave

    Price: $10.48 (for a pack of 24 that lasts up to eight months).

    10. These mid-century mod–inspired throw pillows because there's basically nothing more cozy and luxe than knits and velvets.


    Promising review (For the pink velvet): "This is a beautiful pillow. Love the blush color, the soft velvet feel. Very well made! Worth the price, great filling material! Makes a wonderful accent pillow for my living room, but would be perfect in any room. I bought for some springtime color." —Barbara

    Prices: $26 for the velvet blush, $24 for the cabled knit.

    11. A pair of vegan-leather slingback sandals that you'll practically live in the very moment the thermometer creeps above 73 degrees.


    Their cushioned sole means you can hang out in them for hours and be perfectly comfortable. They're from the Circus by Sam Edleman line, which tends to run a little big, according to one BuzzFeed writer. So you might want to go a half-size down!

    Price: $45 (seven colors)

    12. A pretty solar-powered lantern — you'll love how it gently lights up your porch through all the lovely spring and summer evenings.


    Promising review: "I ordered two of these last year and loved them so much I decided to order two more. The power switch is much better in the new ones, easier to get to. I actually like the new ones better, much brighter and last longer." —Daniel

    Price: $24.71

    13. A refillable eight-color NYX contour palette so you can enhance all your gorgeous features even more.

    14. A classic vegan leather moto jacket that will add a little edge to pretty much whatever you wear it with.


    Price: $22.39

    15. A super compact, 17-function multi-tool because it's bound to come in handy over and over the next time you go camping.


    Promising review: "This is an excellent value. The blade is shaving-sharp. None of the tools lock, but they snap into place securely and hold under moderate pressure. Hard use may cause them to collapse. I love the rubberized grip. It's light considering its size and the sheath is formed nylon. I trust it will hold up well over time. This tool is a real bargain and excellent to use or gift. Well done, Walmart!" —tangstamp

    Price: $9.97

    16. These highly-rated Lord & Taylor cashmere sweaters — they're on clearance now, which is the perfect time to buy and save for the fall.

    Lord & Taylor / Walmart

    Promising review: "Soft good quality cashmere, a good investment piece at excellent price. The colors are beautiful. I do use a sweater comb for piling, but thats true for any cashmere. I have a few other brands of cashmere and this stands up with those quite well. I like that it's warmer than thicker poly sweaters without the bulk, and has the temperature control thanks to the natural fibers, not too hot or too cold. I have two of these now; they do well in a delicates bag in the delicate or handwash cycle of my washing machine. They are not scratchy or itchy at all. Very happy!" —Blouse

    Price: $23.99 for the crew-neck (available in black and camel, sizes XS-XL) and $23.99+ for the v-neck (available in light grey, dark grey, and black; size availability varies). Both styles originally $160.

    17. A pack of two oven-rack liners that promise to catch all kinds of drippy mess before it can become an impossibly burnt-on mystery requiring harsh cleaners.


    Btw, despite the picture, they technically are supposed to go on the bottom rack, not directly on the bottom of your oven.

    Promising review: "I recently used this and now wonder why have I not been using these for the last 20 years! They have saved me so many clean ups. We are always cooking pizzas, and invariably cheese or pepperoni ends up on the bottom. Then the next time I go to cook, that food smokes and sets off the fire alarm, and well I am sure you know the drill. I NO MORE have to deal with that! So happy! I have been telling my Mom, my sisters, anyone who will listen to me that they need these. They are light weight, and the food that drips on it is very easily wiped away and you just use it again and again. Amazing!" —cmward

    Price: $4.99 for a two-pack.

    18. A faux-fur throw — besides looking cozy-chic on your sofa, it will keep you nice and warm while you watch the entire season of Netflix's latest and greatest in one sitting.


    Promising review: "Very soft. Really cozy feel to faux fur fabric. Lining is soft knit. Overall review is positive, worth the price, well-made and will be long lasting." —charlad

    Price: $49 (on Rollback, regularly $64.99; four colors)

    19. A pair of statement crystal drop earrings so elegant and versatile you'll be looking for excuses to wear them pretty much every day.

    Lord & Taylor / Walmart

    Price: $19.20

    20. A gel nail polish + top coat that you can use at home to get a salon-quality manicure that actually lasts for over a week.

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I have been using this polish weekly for three months and have not been disappointed. It stays on with absolute perfection for 5-6 days. The seventh shows some chipping, but because the color is so close to my nail color it doesn't show wear. I have never received so many compliments and I polish my nails myself. In addition, my nails are growing so well, that I have to file them to get my preferred length. Application is easy with the brush style and it dries faster than any other polish I've ever used." —Robinu

    Price: $9.03+ (seven shades)

    21. The Sock Dock so you never lose a single sock to the dryer ever again *and* don't have to spend fifteen minutes sorting through your laundry, matching all the socks back together.


    Promising review: "Everyone needs this little gadget! Laundry day is no longer a burden — socks remain in pairs while doing laundry and the washer can no longer eat them. It has saved me (and my family of four) so much time!" —MarriedWithKids

    Price: $16 (four colors)

    22. A zoned gel memory foam mattress topper because you genuinely deserve a good night's rest every time your head hits the pillow, and this might help you get there.


    The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, and contains plant oil (instead of being made with 100% petroleum) along with green tea extract and active charcoal to help it absorb moisture while eliminating odors.

    Promising review: "Love how this feels to sleep on. Even though it's only 1", it's nice and plush. Makes my mattress very soft and I do notice a "cooling" feeling without making me cold. Stays in place well. And you can sleep on it right out of the box, no weird chemical smell that comes with some other toppers. For the price, it's a great value." —Dee415

    Price: $15.95–$36.99 (available in twin–king)

    23. A treasure trove of colorful cooking utensils basically guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen, or at least make you smile every time you notice them.


    Promising review: "Excellent value for the quality of products you receive! I half expected them to be cheap and flimsy but to my surprise they are not! The bowl scrapers are actually better than the other brand ones I have. Very thick and durable. I'm very pleased with this purchase." —SarahA

    Price: $32.99 (they're from BuzzFeed's Tasty Collection for Walmart)

    24. A pack of three makeup remover cloths that absolutely erase every last bit of product — no matter how much you're wearing — using just tap water.


    Then when they get dirty, you just pop them in the washer.

    Promising review: "I picked these up since I prefer reusable products versus ones you toss. They work really well! I usually use makeup remover and water on one side of the cloth and then hang it up to dry. I use the other aide the next night. Then I always have one handy." —Gusmama

    Price: $2.97 for three

    25. A LifeStraw water bottle because wherever you're going, it's good to have the reassurance that you'll have a completely clean and filtered source of hydration.


    This handy bottle removes 99.999% of bacteria and 99.99% of parasites and microplastics; reduces the chlorine and other organic chemical content; and helps improve the water's taste.

    Promising review: "I bought this for traveling, and I'm SO glad I did. I spent a week between airports, hostels, and bus stations, and I could fill up my LifeStraw in any bathroom sink without seeking out decent quality water to purchase. Now I've settled into my Istanbul apartment but my LifeStraw still clips to my bag and goes everywhere with me." —janamr

    Price: $36.84

    26. A pair of floral rain boots to remind you about what lies ahead while you're splashing your way through April's showers.


    Promising review: "I played in 11-inch snow with my daughter for over an hour building a snowman. My feet were completely dry and barely cold. The boots are not even designed for that. They were very comfortable, waterproof and the tread on them is excellent." —FibroMama

    Price: $28.99

    27. A shower curtain liner with built-in mesh pockets so you can keep everything off your tub's edges — making cleaning easy — and disguise it all behind that decorative exterior curtain you love.


    Promising review: "I bought my first of this exact shower curtain back in 2012 and I have had no problems with it at all. It is very handy and durable. When it gets kinda dirty or scummy, I simply put it in the washing machine and it's great for months again. I bought a few more to have as spares, but there is nothing wrong with mine from 2012 yet. Very tough and durable." —Hdbw

    Price: $11.84

    Or, read our full mesh-pocket shower curtain review (it's #2)!

    28. A Ellen DeGeneres' line with a little embroidered touch sure to warm your heart every time you slip it over your shoulders.


    Multiple reviewers say it runs a little small, FYI!

    Price: $30 (sizes XS-3XL)

    29. A down-alternative comforter — it comes in light, medium, and heavy weights so you can choose exactly what *you* need to be your coziest self night after night.


    Or you can buy two, one for the warmer months and one for the colder ones! It's completely machine washable and excellent for stuffing into your favorite duvet cover.

    Promising review: "This is more than what I expected for the price I paid. It is very soft and although it is warm it doesn't feel heavy when you are under it. It fits my king size bed perfectly. I love it! It looks great on my bed, clean and crisp." —mille7861t

    Get it from Walmart for $18.01-$26 (available in Twin, Queen, and King).

    30. The Drain Weasel, which will reach into the depths of your sink and tub pipes to extract the lurking hair-and-slime monster who's responsible for all that backed-up water.


    Promising review: "This worked great in my shower. I'm not able to pull the drain plug out, so I was very happy to find a product that doesn't require it. It is very easy to use, and very effective. Will continue to purchase so I don't have to keep using chemical decloggers every other week. Highly recommend!" —AJane

    Price: $9.37 (for the starter pack, a handle plus two extraction wands).

    31. Some super-soft jeggings — they look so cute no one will be able to guess that you're secretly so comfortable you could basically sleep in them.


    And yes, they have functioning back pockets and belt loops.

    Promising reviews: "These are terrific! If I had known I would have liked them so well, I would have bought three additional blue denim!" —TxSr

    "Love them! I own about seven pairs and have not had a problem with any of them. The fabric is on the thinner side but I like that. My only complaint is the lack of front pockets." —Jennifer M

    Price: $14.97 (15 colors/patterns; 0X-4XL)

    32. A cake stand with a glass cover so you can truly enjoy having your cake and eating it too, slice by slice over several nights.


    Though if you want to make it last longer than a week, cake freezes really well.

    Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for my sister. She loved it! It looks like a vintage cake pedestal. I shop estate sales and these type of cake stands sell for a whole lot more than $30. The pedestal itself looks like green milk glass. My sister placed cupcakes in it and it looked so pretty!" —paulakpoo

    Price: $29.82

    You, enjoying all your cool new stuff that didn't break the bank:

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