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53 Of The Best Gifts Under $10 To Give In 2020

A bunch of fun and affordable ideas, whether they're into makeup, board games, their dog, self-care, wine, problem-solving, or something else entirely.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A set of nine unicorn-horn makeup brushes (plus a handy storage case!) to add a little bit of fantastical whimsy to any beauty newbie's collection.

The brushes with purple unicorn-horn-looking twists for handles, silver metal connectors, and pastel yellow, pink, purple, and blue bristles

2. A wine aerator that goes directly into the bottle, so they can pour as usual but enjoy the ~upgraded~ taste (no matter how cheap or fancy their bottle happens to be).

Long, thin, clear aerator with wine pouring through it

3. A downright hilarious little screaming goat — simply press on him, and he lets out a bleaty yell basically guaranteed to make them laugh every time they hear it.

4. A little animal cord protector to fiercely guard their fraying charger cable from further damage.

5. The Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game for anyone who loves family or roommate game nights, especially ones that have a dose of high-energy, adorably illustrated easy fun.

6. A black-and-white monogrammed mug so they can start their mornings feeling like they've stepped into their favorite New York coffee shop.

The A, B, and C mugs in white with black serif lettering

7. A pack of 16 hydrating sheet masks with over 3,100 positive reviews — it's the closest you can get to giving them the gift of soft and glowing skin.

8. And a cute kitty-ears headband to make them smile with delight when they slip it on to hold every strand of hair back when they wash their face in the evening, or when they apply their favorite face masks.

A reviewer wearing the thick white headband with two ears

9. A 52-week gratitude journal so they can spend a few minutes each morning or evening jotting down all the wonderful things in their life.

10. An elegant metal hair claw that disguises what's actually an easy, lazy hairstyle as something a little fancy.

11. A sheet of Meg Thee Stallion or Beyoncé stickers so they can proclaim their fandom from their laptop, phone case, planner, snail-mail, journal, and anywhere else they can think of.

12. A fill-in-the-blank book because you can customize it to reflect all the sweetness, goofiness, and happiness of your relationship with your S.O. — or your mom, or your grandparents, or your best friend.

13. A bar of irreverent identity-based bar soaps (yes, bar soaps) because there's (probably) nothing better than laughing really hard with the person after they open their gift.

14. A set of lenticular cat or dog (or shark!) cards for the ~meow-rriest~ post-holiday poker games you've had in years.

15. A pack of 50 different stickers with quotes or iconic faces from The Office anyone who watches the series over and over will immediately love so much you might catch them quoting the rest of each famous scene.

16. And a pillow cover any fan of The Office would be proud to feature front and center in their living room, especially when they start their 57th rewatch.

White pillow cover that says "Dwight You Ignorant Slut" in all-caps black text

17. A pack of six mini bath bombs that will help fizz away stress and worries, one brightly-toned color at a time.

The six bath bombs in different colors

18. Or a single giant 7-oz galaxy bath bomb so they can treat themselves to an escape that's ~out of this world~.

19. A Dolly Parton or Binge Watching Champion magnet (or both!) they can proudly display on their fridge year-round because (assuming they're actually Dolly fans or serious binge-watchers) they'll feel like you know them SO well.

20. A ring cleaning pen to help all of your married friends keep their wedding bling satisfyingly clean and sparkling.

Before: a reviewer's dull, dirty, cloudy emerald ring and After: the same ring, now clean and sparkling

21. A pair of gold-and-green coin earrings because they're the perfect balance between casual and formal, and they'll go with dozens of their outfits not matter what season it is.

22. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that experienced home chefs and newbies will obsess over alike — it makes adding just the right flavor to all kinds of dishes (from fruit to chicken to ice cream and, yes, pizza) almost too easy.

The bottle of honey honey pouring onto a pepperoni pizza

23. A pack of Animal Crossing sticky flags they'll use to leave little reminders for themselves like "get the daily DIY recipe at the beach" and "turnips tomorrow!"

The five sticky tabs, each with a character on top and a large space for writing on the bottom

24. A set of six little cute monster clips certain to make them say "Aww!!!!" out loud every time they open their pantry door.

The six clips, each with a different monster face and in a different color

25. A tennis ball attachment for their phone that's a surefire way to capture their doggie's cuteness on camera quickly and easily, because otherwise their dog has no idea why they're waving that weird shiny rectangle around. And yes, it squeaks and is removable, so they can actually play afterward!

26. A clip-on, rechargeable selfie ring light so all their mouthwatering food photos are always perfectly lit, even if they're eating on a dimly-lit restaurant patio.

the circular light clipped to the top of a smartphone

27. A pack of five lip glosses in flavors so tasty they'll be looking for any excuse to reapply.

The Lipglosses in glittery packaging

28. A pair of socks that any Potter-fan will treasure like they're priceless, the same way Dobby dearly loved his very first sock.

A reviewer's pair of socks; one says "Master has given Dobby a sock" and the other "Dobby is FREE", both in the Harry Potter font

29. A custom 3D-printed Disney-style nameplate they're basically guaranteed to keep on their WFH desk because it'll just make them feel a little happy and excited every time they look at it.

The name "David" 3D printed in green Disney font on a flat base

30. A mini Sriracha keychain so they'll never be forced to choke down another meal without their favorite condiment ever again.

The 1.5 fl oz keychain bottle

31. A reversible-sequin ~mermaid~ pillow cover because it's practically impossible to have too much color and sparkle in life.

32. A donation of a gift for a refugee from the Choose Love store: you buy something that's sent to someone in need, and get a downloadable card to give to whoever you're shopping for.

33. A screwdriver keychain because there are countless opportunities to use a Phillips or flathead in everyone's life, but you just don't notice them until you actually have the tools.

34. A terra-cotta brown sugar bear that they simply soak in water, gently dry, then pack in with their brown sugar to keep it from hardening up into an impossible-to-use rock.

the flat, clay bear next to a jar of brown sugar

35. A RoseBud Motel keychain any Schitt's Creek fan will cackle at, followed by their best "Follow us on tweeters!" impression of Alexis.

Red plastic keychain with white rose, name of motel, and "follow us on tweeters" printed on it

36. Or a custom quote (plastic) wineglass perfect for savoring all the dazzling peach crabapple notes of an Herb Ertlinger Riesling Rioja fruit wine.

37. A highlighter kit with nine luminescent, sparkling colors so they can shine like the superstar you know they are.

38. A shiny mirror cube that will look pretty and interesting in any configuration, so they don't even have to be expert puzzle solvers to enjoy playing with it.

39. A set of three pairs of gold statement earrings in the shape of stylized illustrated faces and hands, to make pretty much any outfit they wear instantly both more artistic and downright playful.

40. An ice cream cozy to snugly fit around their favorite pint of Ben and Jerry's — they'll be able to eat as much as they want without their hands getting too cold OR the ice cream melting too quickly.

41. Or a different cozy that says something cute like "Spoon Me" or "Namaste In And Spoon", both of which are entirely appropriate for nomming their way through their pint of choice.