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19 DIY Ways To Make Barbie's House Cooler Than Your House

Barbie's house — and closet — is about to be way cooler than yours.

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3. Glue buttons and the handle from a paper clamp to a dollar store soap holder to make a colorful rolling suitcase.

No promises your kiddo will be able to keep track of Barbie's shoes in your hotel room, though. Here's how to make it.

7. Turn a wooden box or a vintage suitcase into a portable house.

This tutorial is for a smaller doll (and is kind of involved), but could be easily scaled for Barbie, depending on the size of the suitcase you decide to use.


10. Cover binder clips in scrap fabric and attach a little bit of string to make really adorable custom purses.


14. Glue wooden dowels to a stack of cardboard to make this rustic barstool.

Fancy paint job optional (but cool) — it would probably go over pretty well if you went for a bright lime green or something. Get the tutorial here.

15. Thread popsicle sticks between a scrap of crochet to make a cozy hammock.

The frame's made out of a wire hanger, which you probably already have in your closet. And if you don't have crochet skills, you could hot glue a small rectangle of fabric to the popsicle sticks, instead. Here's how to make it.

16. Cut up the plastic part of some gum and pill packs to give Barbie a vintage Pyrex collection.

You can get the tutorial and printable Pyrex patterns here — although again, you could just paint them a solid color and probably no one would mind.

18. And if you're still feeling crafty after that, make these paper succulents to live inside of the eggshell planters.

19. Then make this modular house for all of Barbie's cool new stuff!

The tutorial uses handmade crates, but you can also buy cubes (like this one) and paint them yourself. Make sure the cubes you buy are at least 15 inches high, though, so a 12-inch Barbie can stand easily.

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