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    18 Clever Ways Organizing Your Fridge Can Save You Money And Time

    Clean it once, and keep it clean for (almost) ever.

    1. Keep paper towels or a kitchen towel on the outside of your fridge or on your fridge door so if there is a mess, you can clean it up quickly and easily.

    2. Line every drawer and shelf with washable placemats.

    3. Or, cover your shelves with Press 'n' Seal wrap, then anytime there's a spill, toss and replace the wrap.

    4. When it comes to making it easy to clean your fridge and preventing spills in the future, bins are your best friend.

    5. If you want to take it to the next level, label your bins.

    6. Designate one of the bins as an "Eat me first" box to help reduce food waste, and to give you a one-stop spot to double check for what may need to be thrown away.

    7. Turn another one of the bins into a healthy snack bin, maybe even one specifically for the kids.

    8. Never just stick a plate without a cover in the fridge. If you have leftover food, put it in a sealable glass container.

    9. Re-use empty glass jars (like pickle jars or jam jars) to pack individual-serving salads.

    10. Once you open a package of meat, don't try and store it in its original package anymore.

    11. Devote a small basket to keep all of your eggs together, especially if you regularly keep more than a dozen at a time.

    12. Put a lazy susan in the back corner of your shelves to make it easy to grab everything you have stored back there.

    13. Or, use a lazy susan with storage compartments if you like to keep fresh fruits and vegetables prepared in your fridge.

    14. Keep a roll of washi tape and a marker next to your fridge, so it's easy to label something when you know it will be in the freezer for a while.

    Get this tape for $3.75 here, or just grab your favorite one. Read more about why chefs use this strategy here.

    15. If you have leftover wine (which SOUNDS like an impossibility, but hey, sometimes it happens), seal it up so you can rest it on its side without worrying about it leaking.

    16. Save space in your fridge, and store your butter for up to two weeks up on the countertop.

    17. If you still find yourself forgetting what you have on hand, update a dry-erase inventory on the outside of your fridge at the beginning of every week.

    18. Store a jar of activated carbon in the back corner to keep the place from smelling like your favorite stinky cheese.