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7 Closet Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

Little changes, major difference.

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2. Designate a basket or hamper as "outgrown" or "donate", so when you decide to give something away, it's easy.

Next time there's a clothing drive, you won't look at your closet wondering — you'll be ready to go. From Living Rich on Less.

5. Store bulky items like sweaters in a vertical organizer to free up rod and drawer space.

If you hung up the 13 bulky items stored in the cubbies, they'd take up more rod space than the shoe organizer. From Ask Anna.

6. Organize your belts using shower curtain rings (and if it works better for your closet, a curtain rod).

You can either book the rings directly onto your closet rod or mount a small curtain rod on your wall. See the tutorial on Live Simply By Annie.

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