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    7 Bedroom Cleaning Ideas You'll Actually Want To Try

    Feel like your room is clean in ~no time~.

    1. Use an empty (old) pillowcase to dust off your fan's blades.

    2. Banish any lingering carpet stains with vinegar, water, and your iron.

    3. Run your pillows (including your decorative pillows, if they don't have lots of sewn-on embellishments) through the dryer with dryer balls or a dryer sheet.

    4. Wipe down all of your wood furniture with dusting spray.

    5. Wipe off any dirty spots on your walls (like the area around your switch plate) using soap, water, and a soft cloth.

    6. Run a lint roller over your fabric lampshades to pick up all the dust.

    7. And...clean your sex toys.