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    7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

    Ideas for all around your home.

    1. Revamp your drawer freezer by categorizing everything in deep, narrow bins.

    2. Cover an empty soda can box with contact or wrapping paper, then use it to store your canned foods.

    3. Store game boards in frames, with all of their supplies hooked to the back.

    4. Speaking of organizing things behind frames: hang a picture frame on a hinge in your entryway, then stash your keys behind it.

    5. Use a wine rack to hold extra towels in your bathroom, and the bottom rung on the rack to hold your hand towel.

    6. If you have a storage ottoman that seems bottomless and cluttered every time you open it, divide it up with smaller canvas bins.

    7. Make your rakes easy to grab when you need to clean up some autumn leaves by nailing old pallets to your garage wall.