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    7 Ridiculously Easy Tricks That Will Make You So Much More Organized

    Your closets and pantries will thank you.

    1. Repurpose a kitchen helper shelf in your closet as a sturdy shoe rack.

    2. Add more space to a storage-hungry bathroom by wheeling in a bar cart.

    3. Instead of storing coupons somewhere you'll always forget them (like in the depths of your purse or wallet, or, worse, somewhere at home), keep them in an accordion file in your bag.

    4. Before the new school year starts and you're overwhelmed with papers again, organize all of your kiddo's schoolwork.

    5. Try downloading Carrot, an app that gets mad at you if you procrastinate getting to your to-do list.

    If you can stand it. From here.

    6. Make it simple to find the plastic baggie or food wrap you need by organizing them all on the pantry door.

    7. Prepare healthy snacks a week in advance so you can always eat well.