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7 Ridiculously Easy Tricks That Will Make You So Much More Organized

Small steps, big progress.

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1. Instead of hanging ties on a traditional tie organizer, use a more spacious one made for scarves.

This tip makes it about 1,000 times easier to find the one you need. You can get a similar organizer for $4.99 here.

2. Attach cutlery trays to the inside of your closet, then screw in small hooks to make your necklace storage easy to navigate.

Get the full tutorial here. Renters can do this too: Just use removable adhesive picture hanging strips like these, $8.54, to mount the trays.

3. Wrap the keys you use most often in embroidery floss so you can easily tell which one you need.

You could even do a shortcut by wrapping just one edge in the floss. It would work the same! Get the full how-to here.

4. Hang up a sweater organizer in your kid's closet, then label each shelf to help them stay organized all by themselves.

You can organize their clothes by day of week, or their accessories for each of their after-school activities, or use the space to organize other toys or board games. Get a similar organizer (sans pretty labels) for $12.42 here, and read the full how-to here.

6. Pack an emergency clutch for each of your kids with phone numbers, a little extra cash, and other necessities.

While you're at it, pack one for yourself, too. The kids can keep it in their backpack, and you can keep yours in your purse or workbag. Get the full list of what could be included here.

7. Put together a few easy meals to take to lunch plus a bunch of easy-to-grab fruit for snacks, so you can always just eat when you're hungry.

This makes it especially easy to eat an healthy lunch or after-work snack — see the full how-to here.

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