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    7 Ways To Actually Make Your Kitchen A Little Cleaner

    Small ways to make your kitchen a little cleaner.

    1. Heat a lemon in a bowl of water for an easy-to-clean, fresh smelling microwave.

    2. Polish your stainless steel appliances with Pledge.

    3. Line your shelves with Press 'n' Seal wrap or plastic placemats to make it easy to clean up goops and spills.

    4. Clean burnt gunk off your pans (and sticky buildup off your toaster) using baking soda, dish soap, and cream of tartar.

    Learn how to use this magic formula here; just make sure to rinse off all of the soap before you cook again!

    5. Soak any hard water stains in white vinegar to make them wipe away easily, no scrubbing needed.

    6. Put a layer of wax paper on the tops of your cabinets (and your fridge) to collect that nasty greasy dust that gathers in the kitchen.

    7. Scrub your wooden cutting boards with salt and half a lemon.