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    7 Quick Ways To Actually Declutter Your Life

    Cleaner and neater in no time.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Go through your medicine cabinet and toss anything that's old or expired.

    If you have extra pills from a prescription, you can probably throw them in your trash can, but read the FDA's guidelines first. Then, if you have the space, sort everything so it's easy to find — read a tutorial here.

    2. While you're in there, make a mini medicine box to keep in your purse or car.

    Although if it's very hot in the summer, make sure you don't leave any pills that will melt in the car. Here's the tutorial.

    3. Never lose your headphones in your bag again — by storing them in an upcycled mint container.

    Here's the tutorial — these hang from a little clip on the outside of your bag.

    4. Keep your paper plates and napkins in a magazine file so they'll be easy to grab whenever you have guests over.

    Or want to have a spontaneous picnic, or need to feed a crowd of kids who want snacks. Read more here.

    5. Hang wire baskets on the wall near your door to keep gloves, hats, and even your purse easily accessible.

    If you use removable adhesive hooks (which you could color with a paint pen), this trick looks nice and works in a rental. They'd also look good stacked vertically. From here.

    6. Pack your clothes for all of your workouts this week.

    Even if you just plan one or two, having your clothes and socks in one easy-to-grab spot can make getting to the gym or the cycling studio or out on a run so much easier. If you're not sure where to start, this plan might help.

    7. Tape off designated spots for all the kids' scooters and vehicles. / Via

    Then tell them to park all of their toys in the right places before it's time for dinner (or time to leave, or whatever). Get more outdoor organizing tips here.

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