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    Updated on Oct 24, 2019. Posted on Oct 27, 2017

    5 Simple And Healthy Kids Halloween Snacks To Make For A Party

    Featuring Frankengrapes.

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    Did you sign up in August to bring snacks in October, not realizing what that meant?

    Charles M. Schulz / ABC

    Or maybe your third-grader's class has a Halloween party, and your kid volunteered to bring something.

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    Or you just like serving ~Halloween-y~ after school snacks, but don't plan to feed them candy every day.


    With these 5 quick ways to turn healthy store-bought food into cute Halloween-themed snacks, you'll have all your bases covered!

    Snack #1: Fruit Cup Jack-o'-Lanterns

    Devin Rogerino / BuzzFeed

    What you need:

    - Mandarin orange fruit cups

    - Green pipe cleaners

    - Hot glue

    - Black Sharpie

    How to do it:

    1. Turn the fruit cup upside down, so the side you open to eat from is the bottom.

    2. Twist a pipe cleaner around your finger a few times, leaving about 1/2'' untwisted. Make a small loop on the end of the untwisted part, for the stem.

    3. Hot glue the stem to the middle of the upturned fruit cup.

    4. Draw on a little jack-o'-lantern face on the side using the Sharpie.

    Snack #2: String Cheese Ghosts and Vampires

    Devin Rogerino / BuzzFeed

    What you need:

    - String Cheese

    - Sharpie

    How to do it:

    1. Flip the string cheese to the "round" side.

    For the ghost:

    2. Eyes: draw two small ovals, and fill in.

    3. Mouth: draw one bigger oval below, and fill in.

    For the vampire:

    2. Eyebrows and eyes: draw two small swoops, then add a dot beneath each swoop for the eyes.

    3. Mouth: Draw a simple smile, then add two triangle fangs. Draw the rest of the open mouth, going below the fangs.

    Snack #3: Pencil and Pretzel Witches Brooms

    Devin Rogerino / BuzzFeed

    What you need:

    - Pretzel sticks

    - Small cellophane treat bags

    - Unsharpened Halloween pencils

    - Curling ribbon

    How to do it:

    1. Fill the treat bags with pretzels, making sure all (or most) of the pretzels are vertical in the bag.

    2. Tightly tie a small length of curling ribbon to the unsharpened end of each pencil, in a double knot. Trim excess ends, leaving 1-2cm. This will help the pencil stay in the bag.

    3. Put the unsharpened end of the pencil partway in the bag, so the rest of the pencil sticks out for the stick part of your broom.

    4. Tie a long length of ribbon in a double knot around the pencil and the bag, securing the bag to the pencil. This length of ribbon should sit *above* the ribbon tied on the pencil, but outside the bag.

    5. Curl the ribbon, and serve!

    Snack #4: Spooky Melon Bats

    Devin Rogerino / BuzzFeed

    What you need:

    - Bat-shaped cookie cutter

    - Honeydew or cantaloupe melon (you could make it work with watermelon, too, if you can still find it).

    How to do it:

    1. Slice the melon in half, to remove the seeds.

    2. Turn each half on it's side and slice ~long ways~, so you have rings of melon (not wedges). Aim for 1"-1 1/2"-thick slices.

    3. Cut out 2-4 bats per slice of melon, depending on the size of melon you have.

    4. Cut up the rest of the melon — it's still good to eat!

    Snack #5: "It's...Alive!" FrankenGrapes

    1:10, the plate of finished bat melons

    What you need:

    - Green grapes

    - Clear plastic cups with lids (available at party supply stores)

    - Self-adhesive googly eyes (or googly eyes and hot glue)

    - Sharpie

    How to do it:

    1. For Frankenstein's hair: Make tight, vertical zigzags up and down around the top rim of the cup, using the Sharpie. The size of your zigzags will depend on the size of your cup, and how long you want his hair to be!

    2. Fill the cup with grapes, and put the lid on. (I find it easier to do the rest with grapes in the cup, but you can also add them last).

    3. Stick (or glue) on the googly eyes.

    4. Finish the face with the Sharpie: draw the nose (a rectangle with an open top), the mouth (a squiggly line), and the stitches (a long line, with 3-4 shorter perpendicular lines).

    Now ~embrace~ that feeling you get when you serve your kids healthy snacks:

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