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    5 Incredibly Clever DIYs That You'll Actually Want To Try

    They only LOOK expensive.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Dress up a dollar-store vase with an inexpensive temporary tattoo.

    You apply as usual, but even if you a seal with a coat of decoupage, you'll want to always make sure to gently hand-wash the final vase. Find this and tons of other temporary tattoo designs at Tattly.

    Here's the tutorial.

    2. Decorate a cake in just a few minutes by patting sprinkles onto a parchment paper template.

    Don't skip the step of letting the cake sit in the freezer for about 15 minutes, though, or the sprinkles won't stick as well and the colors may fade into the icing. Also, always try this with buttercream icing, and not fondant — fondant isn't sticky enough.

    Here's the tutorial.

    3. Cut your old pair of jeans up into denim yarn, then use that to knit or crochet something useful, like a small basket.

    Following the how-to to cut your jeans should be pretty easy, but if you're concerned you'll cut in the wrong place, mark ahead of time with a piece of chalk. Then, once you have your ball (or two or three) of old-jeans yarn, use it to make a set of nesting baskets or a market bag.

    Here's the tutorial.

    4. Display your favorite earrings and pins on an organizer made from a picture frame and a placemat.

    Facebook: buzzfeednifty

    If you use two frames, you can make one for you and one for your best friend. You can swap the placemat for fabric or almost anything else that you can poke a hole through to hang an earring on, as long as you firmly glue it to the back of your frame. If you don't like the painted look, just leave it plain!

    Here's the full video and the instructions.

    5. Celebrate your next birthday (or Friday, or first week or school, or whatever) with these DIY emoji balloons.

    Use sticky vinyl, trace and cut out the shapes that you need (or use a vinyl cutter if you have one), stick, and go. The faces without the eyebrows will be the easiest to make. You could also try this with construction paper, although the faces won't look so much like they're part of the balloons.

    Here's the tutorial, and here's another tutorial that will help you if you're not using a vinyl cutter.

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