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    35 Brilliant Ways Bungee Cords Can Solve All Your Problems

    It's a bookshelf! No, it's a toy box! No, it's a bungee cooordd!!!

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Drill a few holes in a Walmart bookshelf to transform it into a kid-height stuffed animal zoo that doesn't require any woodwork.

    We've all seen those stuffed animal zoos around — we have plans and a tutorial for one here, if you're curious — but for those of us who don't have the patience and time, this technique does basically the same thing.

    Get the how-to on The Giggle Garden.

    2. Instantly increase your tiny shower's elbow room with this dual-cord system.

    Even better: this solution is just temporary, so after your shower, you can unhook the second cord and have your bathroom space back.

    See the steps at Do It Yourself RV.

    3. Strap together your yoga mat for easy toting.

    4. Suspend a table tray in your tiny bedroom or mobile home.

    Take it down (or at least take the fragile items off) when you'e driving, but otherwise, it's easy-access without bumping your head!

    See more of this 25-foot Airstream on Apartment Therapy.

    5. Tuck them around two 2x4 boxes to organize all of the sports balls taking up space in your garage.

    6. Stretch them out on your balcony or porch for small-space-friendly clothes lines.

    7. Sew a drop cloth onto two cords for a soft but mostly baby-or dog-blocking stair gate.

    The tutorial uses a super-cheap drop cloth — and rocks it. Of course, you could use any fabric that you like. (Minted prints their own fabrics, or you can pick out one you like from Etsy shops like the mermaid-y ABfabric16, the mod FabricCadabra, and the kid-friendly Sunnyside Fabrics.)

    Get the how-to here.

    8. Keep all of your front-seat totes from falling all over the place by hooking a bungee cord around the passenger headrest.

    9. Stretch cords between screw-hooks to hold books on to a very narrow shelf.

    Photograph by Aaron Dyer. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

    This is an affordable solution for small spaces!

    Get the tutorial from Martha Stewart.

    10. Wrap up messy extension cords by tying them with a wine cork-bungee cord combo.

    Extension cords: organized. Extra hose: no longer a nuisance. Wine cork pile: so long, suckers.

    Watch the how-to on Nifty.

    11. Make a badass baby toy zip line for your long road trip.

    12. Tie pot lids down with bungee cord to keep them stable on the inside of your cabinets.

    If you're just looking at kitchen solutions, you may have seen this with three hooks and no cord; this has two hooks and a huge cord.

    Read more about how to do it nicely on

    13. Stretch a bungee cord into a geometric pattern on your wall and add stainless clothesline clips for an adjustable wall organizer and display.

    Opt for wooden clothespins and a multi-colored bungee cord or multi-colored clothespins and a white bungee cord and the style won't look quite so Danish modern.

    Check out more beautiful photos of this space on Tarja Kankaanpää-Salonen.

    14. Occupy all of the kids at the family reunion at once by building this relatively affordable outdoor movie screen.

    You use itty-bitty ball bungees like these, along with cheap grommets, to secure the fabric.

    Get the full tutorial from MichaelS779 on Instructables.

    15. Thread a new cord through a broken tent pole to make it good as new in no time.

    Just pick up a length that doesn't have the hooks on either end.

    Get the full instructions from chaoticandrandom on Instructables.

    16. Hang a second curtain in, er, seconds by hooking a bungee over your current hardware.

    It's the trifecta: cheaper, faster, and easier than any other option. And it looks just the same.

    Read more about how it's done on I Pincomplish.

    17. Strap an extra-large bowl to your stand mixer in a pinch.

    18. Attach grommets to your favorite outdoor table cloth, and keep it secured with the help of a bungee.

    Photograph by Earl Carter. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

    Read more about how to make it happen at Martha Stewart.

    19. Strap together a 5-minute shelter with bungees, a tarp, and a few toggles.


    Learn exactly how to do it on Survival Sherpa.

    20. Wear one as a belt to hold your pants up in an emergency.

    21. Carry a bungee in your golf bag to help you stretch out, and as a backup in case your shoulder strap snaps.

    Read 26 other golf hacks on

    22. Fake a chest strap for a backpack that just won't stop falling off your shoulders.

    23. Hook 'em over your tailgating tent poles so you always have paper towels close to your wing-greased fingers.

    24. Strap your wrapping paper collection to a piece of plywood for easy under-bed storage.

    You could use this to store extra blankets, your coffee table books, or anything else that can be easily secured with a big bungee "x".

    Read more about how it work on The Felt Mouse.

    25. Replace finnicky laces with strips of bungee (or ponytail holders) for easy no-tie shoes.

    You'll just need bungee that's the right width.

    Read the how-to on The Gunny Sack.

    26. Wheelbarrow an overload of sticks in just one trip by securing them with a bungee cord.

    When you want to get the job done quickly, but also want to get it done right.

    From /u/Upside_Down_USB.

    27. Support your Christmas tree in the face of climbing kitties by secretly securing it to a corner of your living room.

    You may need to secure it in a few places, but putting your tree in the corner means you won't have to ~see~ the cords.

    Learn how to actually make this work from /u/somesillynerd.

    28. Split wood like a true lumberjack by holding the stump together with a bungee cord and a short length of chain.

    29. Secure items on narrow garage shelves so they stay put.

    30. Put together a catapult that will both spark your kid's interest in mechanical engineering and send your dog chasing after a ball that flies twice as far as you can throw it.

    Be safe with this one, you guys!

    Learn how to build it from powellcubs on Instructables.

    31. Attach a paper towel roll to a water dispenser so you know everyone at your campsite has clean fingers.

    If you're just having a picnic, simply use a smaller water dispenser.

    Read more about how this works, plus how to take toddlers camping without going crazy, on New Life on a Homestead.

    32. Drill holes into a wooden frame and stretch cords through it for a colorful headboard (or wall organizer).

    This is a scan from an old issue of Real Living magazine, but the concept is easy enough to grasp.

    33. Hold your glass bottles, eggs, bread, or other fragile cargo upright in the trunk of your car.

    34. Wrap the frame of a old church-basement chair in bright cord for an accent that could have come from the MoMA store.

    Kim White / / Via

    You can buy the cord for about $18 per 100 feet on Amazon; it comes in 44 different colors. About 15 of those colors are neon.

    Read more about how to pull off this transformation on Apartment Therapy.

    35. Store any extra bungees you have in the spine of an old three-ring binder.

    Unless they're definitely fulfilling a purpose, you always want to store bungee cords so they're *not* tense — this helps avoid dangerous, unexpected snapping.

    Read more at Family Handyman.

    See more ideas in the video below!

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    What are the most useful or most brilliant ways you've used bungee cords??? Tell us in the comments below! ✏️📱👍

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