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    27 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

    Have your cake and...well, you know how it goes.

    1. These hand-painted roses and leaves.

    2. These ribbons of delicate feathers.

    3. This gentle chocolate-to-vanilla ombré.

    4. These delicate frosting ruffles.

    5. The raw edges on this printed chocolate cake.

    6. This intricate floral piping on blue fondant.

    By Dilekerei.

    7. This subtle wood grain.

    8. These naked layers of funfetti and chocolate.

    9. This textured buttercream that reflected the sunset.

    10. These sharp black and gold accent layers.

    11. These Lord of the Rings-inspired gum paste and fondant decorations.

    12. This caramel drizzle.

    13. These minimal gray-tone triangles.

    14. These subtle (ish) Star Wars decorations.

    15. These intense greenery accents.

    16. This ocean wave–like frosting.

    17. These shining gold brushstrokes.

    18. These pink and gold geometric accents.

    19. These painterly blooms.

    20. This cascading rainbow of flowers.

    21. This elegant brushstroke and white piping combo.

    22. These bright turquoise accents on raw-edge gold.

    23. This white icing overlay.

    24. The marbled tiles on this Settlers of Catan cake.

    25. These intricate layers of fondant lace.

    26. These birch trees and robin's eggs.

    27. These colorful, teensy flowers.