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    27 Harry Potter DIYs That Are Basically Magic

    I solemnly swear...

    1. Twist some wire and a bead into a tiny Golden Snitch.

    2. While you're at it, try making the same designer's wire Deathly Hallows earrings.

    3. Embroider your initial onto a thrift-store scarlet sweater (or if you're the movie version, maroon sweater) to pretend you're a Weasley.

    4. Print and paste your own S.P.E.W. buttons on saved bottle caps.

    5. Bake a Treacle Tart and feast like a witch or a wizard.

    6. Turn your bedside table into a mini-Great Hall by suspending remote-controlled candles from an embroidery hoop.

    7. Embroidery hoops serve another noble purpose in this tabletop Quidditch set that you can make out of empty bottles.

    8. Attend your next costume fling as a secret wizard by making this dollar-store Harry Potter tie.

    9. This "Save Dobby" lost sock jar will help you keep your pairs together.

    10. Seal every letter like a Hogwarts letter with crayon and a hot glue gun.

    11. Or simply seal your Hogwarts correspondence with red molding clay and a penny.

    12. Print out a full-size Marauder's Map and carry it everywhere.

    13. Transfigure chopsticks into wands with hot glue and paint.

    14. Follow these visual directions to make a cute Harry Potter out of clay or marzipan.

    15. Conjure your own Firebolt with brown paper bags and found tree branches.

    16. Turn sugar cones upside down on cupcakes to make ~Wizard Hat Cupcakes~.

    17. Using a bleach spray technique, make your own Deathly Hallows sweatshirt, tshirt, or whatever you want.

    18. Warm up with a cup of homemade butterbeer.

    19. Stencil your favorite quote or saying from the books onto a canvas banner.

    20. Try mixing a Pensieve punch for your next party.

    21. Color a set of mugs using oil paint.

    22. Fill small vials up with potions β€” that's glitter and glue, if you're wondering.

    23. Print out and fold this "Sorting Hat" fortune teller.

    24. Keep your sticky notes safe in these simple monster books.

    25. Cover Pixie Sticks with card stock and a feather to eat as many Sugar Quills as your stomach can handle.

    26. Gift the (small) projects you make for your friends in these free printable pillow boxes.

    27. While you're at it, give your characters a spot to stand β€” like near these cute Platform nine and three-quarters gift boxes.