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    23 Clever Ways You Should Have Been Storing Your Food All Along

    Keep it fresh all night, keep it fresh all day.

    1. Prevent brown sugar clumps by tossing a marshmallow or two in the container.

    2. Keep the halves of avocado fresh by storing them in an airtight container on a bed of roughly chopped onions.

    3. Cut the leaves and roots off of celery, wrap it in a paper towel, then wrap that in foil.

    4. Get rid of any mold spores lurking on your berries or greens by rinsing them well in vinegar water before putting them in your fridge.

    5. After you're done washing your produce, put it in a plastic bag or glass container with a folded-over paper towel inside.

    6. Wrap onions individually in (clean, unworn) pantyhose, then store them in a cool, dry place.

    7. Cut half an inch off the bottom of your asparagus, then store it in water in the fridge.

    8. Make a batch of smoothies, then freeze them in mason jars so they last at least three weeks.

    9. If after cooking you have way too many extra green onions, chop them up and freeze them in an empty water bottle (plastic OR glass).

    10. Flip your all-natural nut butters upside down to keep them from separating.

    11. Freeze tablespoons of tomato paste so you never waste the second half of a can of tomato paste again.

    12. Then freeze any extra fresh herbs in olive oil, so they're easy to drop into stews, pastas, and scrambled eggs.

    13. Or go ahead and store them in moist paper towels or in jars with water.

    14. When you're not using it, store your butter in the back of your fridge, not in the butter spot in the front door of your fridge.

    15. Separate your bananas and wrap each stem in a small amount of plastic wrap to help them last longer.

    16. Whether you used half a carton of chicken broth for dinner or got fancy and made your own, store the leftovers by freezing them.

    17. Make extra soup, then ladle it into red Solo cups to freeze. Grab one or two cups' worth to defrost anytime you need a quick dinner.

    18. Store a cut loaf of bread in a paper bag, cut-side down.

    19. Pour your paper bag of flour into an airtight glass jar.

    20. Stash leftover pizza slices in a plastic bag to keep them from drying out in the fridge.

    21. Store your milk in the coldest part of the fridge — the back of the middle shelf.

    22. Make a double portion of cookie dough to use the next time guests come over, divide the layers with wax paper, then freeze them.

    23. Do the same thing with a sliced chocolate cake for the evenings.

    Now relax and enjoy all that fresh food AND all the money you saved by not tossing stuff you never got to eat!