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21 Photos Of French Fries That Will Make You Drool


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1. No other fried food comes close to the original.

2. It doesn't matter how they're shaped.

3. Or how they're seasoned.*

*As long as they include plenty of salt, additional seasonings are optional.

4. Bacon sprinkles = bonus.

The jury is still out on the donut burger bun, though.

5. They're delicious next to chicken.

6. And they pair perfectly with pizza rolls.

Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner of champions.

7. Sometimes they're serene.

8. Sometimes they're super scrumptious.

10. We all know who the real stars of this meal are.

11. Is there an emoji for melty cheese?

12. Improve your bacon and eggs: step 1, PUT THEM ON TOP OF FRIES.

14. This waffle fry is blessed by the sun gods.

15. And this one is blessed by the gods of melty cheese.

16. Forget the burger, we want fries.

19. You know exactly how it would feel to bite into these beauties.

20. When I dip, you — no, actually, not sharing.

21. Fries, forever and ever.

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