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18 Ways To Make Your Workday Suck Less

Besides taking a vacation.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Pack your work bag the night before, so you don't have to rush around in the morning.

2. Eat a breakfast that's more than just a bagel or a doughnut.

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Protein is important, people! You don't have to eat immediately when you wake up, but hangry-ness is a thing. Toast is an easy place to start — here are some great combos.

3. Smoothies are another delicious option.

4. Pack a lunch that's both delicious and energizing.

5. Make your commute as bearable as possible.

Here are some apps that will help your commute suck less (although not all of them will work well for drivers). And if you like podcasts, you can find some good ones here and here.

6. Once you're ready to ~work~, decide that you're going to make breaks part of your routine.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Taking breaks is the most. important. thing. Science says that the ideal ratio is working for 52 minutes, then taking a break for 17. But if that won't fly at your day job, aim for at least five minutes. And set a timer for yourself so you don't forget!

7. Buy a stand to convert your current desk to a standing desk, and stand for a few hours each day.

This kit is $149.99 here, or you can DIY your own with Ikea pieces (see the tutorial here) — or just stack up reams of paper or dictionaries under your monitor and keyboard.

You don't have to stand all day long, though. Start with just a couple of hours, and sit when you feel tired.

8. Go all out and DIY a treadmill desk.

Julia Tobey of Party Singers

Obviously not for the easily distracted. See how they did this here.

9. When you do sit, make sure you sit ~well~.

Read more about proper work posture here.

10. Set up eyeCare to remind you to look away from your screen.

BuzzFeed Life

Read our review of it here.

11. Do some desk yoga while you're looking away from your screen.

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Desk yoga is great to do during your breaks, if you're going with the work-17-minutes, break-52-minutes routine. And with 17 minutes off, you can probably find a chair away from your co-worker's prying eyes.

12. Or find a meditation exercise that will completely take your mind off of everything.

Read how here. Or try one of these meditation apps.

13. Decorate your office space with things that make you happy.

Buy this particular piece of embroidery here for $27.45, and get more ideas for cubicle decor here.

14. And find some happy things that aren't just decorative.

Eric the Memo Elephant will help you remember things to do this week, and is incredibly adorbs. He's $23.95, here.

15. Sit near a window if you can.

16. Request plants for your office space, or buy a small plant to sit next to your computer.

Here are a few ideas for small green buddies.

17. Bring in things to keep yourself warm, especially if you work in a freezing office.

Like this USB heated blanket, $19.99 here. Because your office temperature is optimized for a 40-year-old, 155-lb man (seriously, read about that here).

Find more things that will keep you warm at work here.

18. Leave the office on fucking time.

Getty Images / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Work will still be there tomorrow. If you struggle with guilt around this, here are some strategies that can help you get out of there.