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18 Genius Tricks To Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Makeup

Because you should be able to use every bit of your favorite lipstick — even the part in the bottom of the tube.

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3. Keep powders from breaking in the first place by cushioning then with a cotton pad or cotton ball.

This won't help you if you drop it while you're putting your face on, but hopefully it will keep your product safer in your bag. From here.


12. Use eyeshadow primer before using eyeshadow.

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Using a second product may seem counterintuitive, but primer makes eyeshadow pop without having to use lots and lots of shadow. Your shadow pan will last much longer before you have to buy a new one.


17. Revive your clumpy nail polish with a tiny bit of nail polish thinner.

You can get thinner for about $4 — much less expensive than a new bottle of O.P.I. or Essie, and it will extend the life of many, many bottles of polish. Learn more about how it works and how to use it here.