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“Are You The One?” Proves Soulmates Aren’t Really A Thing

The historic all-queer cast won their season — but not because they played by straight people’s rules.

Natalie Adler • 10 days ago

Season 2 Of "Killing Eve" Killed The Queer Subtext, And All The Fun Along With It

Straight women are sublimating their rage against men by expressing their desire for starlets to strangle them or run them over with a car — but they don’t necessarily have the guts to scream, “Fist me, Sandra Oh.”

Natalie Adler • 4 months ago

In 2017, Jenna Maroney Is 30 Rock's Most Relevant Character

More than ten years after the cult hit aired, it's Jenna Maroney and her outlandishness that resonate most in these bizarre times.

Natalie Adler • One year ago