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Six Times Chris Pratt Was The King Of Hashtags

He is a man of many words and consequently great hashtags.

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

Twelve Statements Considered Normal Twenty Years Ago That Would Anger People Today

Nostalgic Reddit users discuss statements of the past that are now outdated and, in some cases, rage-inducing.

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

When A Possessive Sister Meets Her Brother's New Girlfriend

The first impression is everything. And you are screwed.

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea

A new "art" blog about the talented and beautiful Iggy Azalea has graced the internet world comparing her looks to food.

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

15 Of The Cutest Animal And Stuffed Animal Friendships

Some friendships are too cute to make sense. Inspired by the Tumblr page, Animals with Stuffed Animals.

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

20 Of The Coolest DIY Lights And Lamps

Shine bright and do it yourself!

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago

20 Ways You Know You Are Addicted To Body Building

I know, I know - it's a way of life, not an "addiction"

NataliaLehaf 5 years ago