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29 Experiences You'll Only Understand If You've Moved Out Of Home

Moving out of home seems cool until you have to start doing shit for yourself.

1. does one actually "rent" a place?

2. Do I really need to go to another open house?

3. OMG these rental applications literally take YEARS. And the questions are so hard.

4. Rental application approved! Wow, someone really just gave me and my friends a house.

5. Will having housemates be like having sleepovers with your friends all the time?!

6. So besides my bed and my clothes, what do I actually take to the new place?

7. A fridge costs HOW MUCH?!

8. And you're telling me I have to keep it off for 24 hours, otherwise it will explode?

9. New house, new me: I'm going to go buy all my groceries on the weekend and get organised for the week.

10. Yes, I definitely need Fruit Loops and three blocks of chocolate.

11. Oh damn, we don't actually have any cookware yet.

12. Who's up for a house trip to Kmart?!

13. Do we need a waffle iron? I think so.

14. I am SO CLOSE to work now. How did I ever live out in the suburbs?!

15. This means I can actually go out every night!

16. I can also have people over whenever I want.

17. Wow, rent really is due every week.

18. Okay, it just took me three hours to make dinner and wash up.

19. It's been, like, three days and my clothes hamper is already full.

20. Should I use powder or liquid laundry detergent?

21. And which slot do I put the detergent in?

22. I have to tell my housemates that we can't keep staying up all night.

23. The house is a PIG STY. How did this happen?

24. And there are no clean pans now that I want to make dinner.

25. Umm. Why is there no money in my bank account?

26. Why are electricity and gas SO expensive?!

27. Living at home was SO GOOD and SO CHEAP.

28. I kind of miss my family.

29. Running a household is HARD and I am always tired.