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    15 Games You Definitely Played In The '90s And '00s But Probably Forgot About

    I suddenly feel like going outside and playing grip ball with my brother.

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    Ahh, Australian summer — a time to spend lazy days at the beach or the park, dying of heat stroke and enflamed mozzie bites.


    And if you're a '90s or early '00s kid, you'll remember spending summers outside, playing with our neighbours and siblings for hours on end.


    If, like me, you love nothing more than a good game of catch or a bash of the cricket bat, these 15 childhood toys will give you some nostalgic feels.

    1. Grip Ball


    If there's one pastime that defined my childhood, this is it. My brothers and I would spend HOURS outside on the grass or on the beach throwing this back and forth. Plus, there's something so satisfying about ripping the ball off the pad after every catch.

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    2. Nerf Vortex


    Another summertime favourite, the vortex was the best ball to play catch with. With its unique shape and design, my siblings and I would whip that thing 50m down the beach.

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    3. 4-in-1 Multi-Game Table


    Some of my cousins had this table and I was so jealous. With pool, air hockey, table tennis and foosball tables, their house was the place to be during school holidays.

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    4. Beach Cricket


    Family outings to the beach were not complete without a communal game of cricket. And someone throwing a tantrum when they copped a golden duck, of course.

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    5. Laser Tag


    While this version looks a bit more schmick than what we played with as kids, the premise is the same: Grab a gun, pop on a chest piece, sneak up on your friends and shoot them before they shoot you.

    Buy a 4-pack from Amazon Australia for $224.99.

    6. Brain Yoyos


    Anyone else try to master some cool yoyo tricks on the O.G. Brain? At one point, I think I even got one that flashed whenever you played with it.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $24.61.

    7. Super Slide


    If you didn't grow up with a swimming pool, this was the next-best thing. Just inflate, water it down with the hose and try not to get plastic burns from your mad skids.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $39.95.

    8. Beach Bash


    I am becoming increasingly aware that my childhood was defined by Wahu. Loved me a bit of beach tennis with these bad boys.

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    9. Nerf Elite Gun


    If you grew up with siblings, you definitely copped a few of these to the head – and gave as good as you got. 15 years later, I'm pretty sure my mum still finds Nerf gun bullets around the house.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $12.60.

    10. Pool Volleyball


    Pool time was never a calm occasion for our family – it was competitive and chaotic at best. And we loved nothing more than playing some pool volleyball and pegging the balls at each other.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $13.40.

    11. Aqua Glider


    Another water favourite was the Aqua Glider. You just submerge this underwater, release and watch it take off across the pool (and then try to get to it faster than anyone else). The best part? There are no batteries required.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $19.90.

    12. Underwater Dive Rings


    I remember doing swimming lessons and learning to dive by collecting these little guys off the pool floor. They're even cuter than I remember!

    Buy a 4-pack from Amazon Australia for $10.83.

    13. Rollerblades


    As a '90s kid, my all-time favourite childhood hobby was rollerblading. My brothers and I would rip up and down the driveway most days, unless we convinced our dad to take us to the park where we had more concrete to shred on.

    Buy from Amazon Australia from $160.81.

    14. Street Hockey


    Let's be real, my love of rollerblading was born of my love for The Mighty Ducks. But, you know, growing up in Australia meant there weren't many ice rinks around, so blades and street hockey filed the void. Word of advice to anyone planning on revisiting this activity: Be sure to wear a helmet and pads.

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    15. Frizbee


    The original and the best — frizbees never grow old. Even though you're all grown up, why not throw one around with your siblings this summer? You know, for old time's sake.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $6.95.

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