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    17 Tried And Tested Self-Care Tips To Keep You Sane During Exams

    Because your wellbeing is more important than your ATAR.

    1. Start your study day by writing down three things you're grateful for.

    2. Make sure you're getting enough sleep.

    3. And if you're having trouble falling asleep, do some light stretching and breathing exercises before bed.

    4. Study at a desk...not on your bed.

    5. Verbally congratulate yourself for every study activity that you complete.

    6. Eat nutritious food to nourish your body and mind.

    7. Limit the amount of caffeine you're getting.

    8. And if you're breaking the habit, sip on herbal tea or hot water instead.

    9. Allocate time to do some exercise.

    10. And get some vitamin D every day.

    11. Consider limiting your time on social media.

    12. And if you're feeling edgy or distracted, leave your phone in another room.

    13. Reach out to your support system if you're feeling overwhelmed.

    14. Give yourself study breaks to do things you actually enjoy.

    15. Spend some time meditating.

    16. Have a post-exam celebration planned to look forward to.

    17. And most importantly, remember that your exam results don't define how talented and valuable you are.

    GOOD LUCK YEAR 12! ❤️❤️❤️