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    The Internet Is Losing It Over Connell's Chain In "Normal People" And I Am Here For It

    We hath been blessed.

    If you've been watching Normal People, you'd have noticed that the stand-out star of the series is the silver chain that Connell Waldron wears around his neck.

    BBC Three / Via

    Honestly, there is something about a man and a fine piece of neck jewellery that gets me going.

    Gracing the fine neck of Paul Mescal, the internet's new boyfriend, this silver chain elevates Connell from small town hottie to full-blown sex god.

    And it's not just me: Twitter is losing its collective shit as Connell's chain is bringing about a sexual awakening that no one was prepared for.

    You’re lying if Connell’s chain from Normal People didn’t make you feel a certain way #NormalPeople

    To everyone watching #NormalPeople–on a scale of 1-10 how badly do you want to be the chain around Paul Mescal's neck? I'm 11

    Today I'm grateful for the tender, gentle love making scenes in #normalpeople, the character of Connell Waldron and the thin silver chain around his neck. Thank you, God.

    “i couldn’t help but wonder: why did connell’s chain do that do that do that do that do that to me?”

    Thinking about Connell tonight #normalpeople

    Thankfully, some champion on the internet has given voice to what we were all thinking and feeling in our loins — in the form of an instagram account called Connell's Chain.

    This absolute masterpiece of internet fandom serves up all sides of Connell and his chain — from the classic thirst trap...

    To the pensive Adonis...

    To the heroic sports star...

    And to the charming schoolboy we all wish we dated in high school.

    Whoever made this account, thank you for your service. You are truly doing the Lord's work.

    BBC Three / Via

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