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    Updated on 24 Apr 2020. Posted on 24 Apr 2020

    Here's What Josie And Jacob From "Looking For Alibrandi" Look Like 20 Years Later

    This is literally the best thing that's happened on social media all week.

    I'm just going to go out and say it: Looking For Alibrandi is the best Australian coming-of-age movie that's ever been made.

    Roadshow Entertainment

    Reading the novel and watching the film in class was the highlight of my entire 9th grade curriculum.

    The stars of the film are Josie and Jacob — played by Pia Miranda and Kick Gurry — and they were the realest example of tumultuous young love that I ever had seen.

    Roadshow Entertainment

    Through the ups and the downs, we all just really wanted them to work out.

    This week, the film celebrated its 20th anniversary and we got given the gift of Josie and Jacob reuniting for a special couples shoot — and can I just say, I am SCREAMING!

    I'd always imagined Josie and Jacob getting their shit together and making it work, so I'm DELIGHTED that we got a snapshot of what that would look like.

    Who Magazine / Pia Miranda / Via Instagram: @_piamiranda

    Their poses! Their smiles! THEIR ARMS INTERTWINED!

    In a fictional world, they are happy, healthy and their children are wearing Cook High blazers to give baller speeches on Have A Say Day in 2020.

    Roadshow Entertainment

    Happy 20th anniversary to the film and the characters that made multicultural Aussies (like me) feel seen.

    20 years of the best shit of all time #LookingForAlibrandi

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