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Tell Us The Story Behind Your Holiday Tattoo

Because as the saying goes, 'When in Rome, get some ink.'

There's this really fun thing that people seem to be doing while overseas, which is getting a tattoo.

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According to a Hostelworld survey, almost 1 out of 3 Aussies and 2 out of 5 Americans under the age of 35 have gotten inked up while abroad.


This new trend of "tattourism" is getting so popular that hostels around the world (like this one in Siem Reap and this one in Phuket) are even starting to open up tattoo parlours.

So we want to know: Have you gotten a tattoo while overseas? And if so, what does it look like?


Maybe it's a beautiful piece that commemorates the time you visited your ancestor's birthplace.

Perhaps you even travelled abroad to get work done from a specific tattoo artist.

Or maybe you woke up after a boat party in Prague with a surprise souvenir.

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For your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, tell us the story behind a tattoo that you got while abroad. And don't forget to include a photo of it in the comments!