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    11 Feb 2020

    17 TikToks That Prove Aussies Are The Funniest People Out

    Australian culture at its finest.

    1. This one about how wild Australian nature really is.

    2. The pain that is how people perceive the Australian accent.

    3. This hilarious experience at the shops.

    4. This accurate depiction of waiting for the train.

    5. The fact that we all remember this from the '00s.

    6. ...except for this chick.

    7. This very accurate depiction of shopping at Aldi.

    8. And this commentary on the rest of the supermarket industry.

    9. This one that is both educational and political.

    10. This gem about primary school trips to the goldfields.

    11. And this one about a primary school icon.

    12. This personal attack on anyone who has ever attended a music festival in Australia.

    13. This question we all have about almond milk.

    14. This one about pure Australian innovation.

    15. And this ode to one of the greatest Aussie inventions of all time.

    16. This weather-related experience we've all had.

    17. And this age-old question.

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