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    15 Homemade Pasta Dishes To Try If You've Transformed Into A Chef In Self-Isolation

    Fresh pasta is so much better, anyway.

    1. First up, get your head around the basics of how to make homemade pasta.

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    2. Next, try your hand at these easy, homemade, potato gnocchi in sage-burnt butter — which almost look too cute to eat.

    Merle O'Neal / BuzzFeed Tasty

    3. Or, if you've only got sweet potatoes handy, try these sweet potato gnocchi instead.

    Merle O'Neal / BuzzFeed Tasty

    4. If you're feeling a little bit fancy, these delicious, cheese and spinach-filled ricotta ravioli might be calling your name.

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    5. As is this green spinach lasagne, which is the ultimate comfort food.

    Betsy Carter & Joe Sasto / BuzzFeed Tasty

    6. If you're feeling something super cheesy, may we suggest this no-egg pasta with lemon alfredo sauce?

    Katie Aubin / BuzzFeed Tasty

    7. Or the O.G. Italian version — a mouth-watering, Tusacan pici Cacio e Pepe?

    Jessica Montanelli / Cooking My Dreams / Via

    8. To find out what heaven actually tastes like, whip up a batch of butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter sauce.

    Matthew Johnson / BuzzFeed Tasty

    9. Or try your hand at these picture-perfect cheese cappelletti with a creamy asparagus sauce.

    Jessica Montanelli / Cooking My Dreams / Via

    10. If you're missing the salty sea breeze, this squid ink pasta with squid will take your tastebuds to the Mediterranean.

    Jessica Montanelli / Cooking My Dreams / Via

    11. As will a bowl of delicious strozzapreti with prawns in a tomato sauce.

    Monica Luppi and Lorraine Elliott / Not Quite Nigella / Via

    12. If you or one of your loved ones is gluten intolerant, don't worry, we got you! This homemade, gluten-free pasta is sure to hit the spot.

    Rachel Gaewski & Karlee Rotoly / BuzzFeed Tasty / Via Rachel Gaewski & Karlee Rotoly

    13. If you're in the mood for some comfort food, try this recipe for homemade tagliatelle with a wild mushroom sauce.

    Eatsplorer / Via

    14. Or a gorgeous bowl of tortellini en brodo — which is as close to a warm hug as we can get right now.

    Kylie Mazon-Chambers / Cooking with Cocktail Rings / Via

    15. And finally, for a fancy version of everybody's favourite pasta dish, tuck into a bowl of bolognese with homemade parpadelle and buffalo mozzarella.

    Jillian Guyette / Better Happier / Via

    Happy cooking, pasta lovers!