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    I Just Found Out What A Beluga Whale Is And I'm OBSESSED

    Be still, my beating heart.

    Hello, friends. I just saw a photo of a beluga whale for the first time, and I am now well and truly OBSESSED.

    Glitterd / Getty Images

    I honestly don't understand how something so bloody cute can exist.


    Jclegg / Getty Images

    I cannot handle this level of cuteness. 😍😍😍

    And would you look at this white QUEEN of the Arctic Circle?!

    Jclegg / Getty Images

    She looks so regal and poised. Such a lady!

    Their little heads are just so lumpy and cute.

    Dejavu Designs / Getty Images

    And those big bumps on their head? Oh, yep, they have names. They're called β€” wait for it β€” melons. MELONS!!!

    They also move their necks in the sassiest of ways, and IT IS BLOODY ADORABLE.

    Vladone / Getty Images

    The vertebrae in their necks aren't fused together, so they can almost move their heads like humans do.

    Don't get me started on BELUGA BABIES!!

    Cmeder / Getty Images

    This little cub is so, so smol and so, so hungry. 😍

    Or how HILARIOUS their long bodies are.

    Andrea Izzotti / Getty Images


    Or how chubby they look when they come up for air.

    Kovlad / Getty Images

    I want to hug and squeeze this guy sooo badly.

    They're also one of the only whales that can SWIM BACKWARDS!

    Cmeder / Getty Images

    Look at him go! I am so proud.

    Which means they can fool around like this:

    Christopher-lee / Getty Images

    I could definitely play peak-a-boo with these guys all day.

    They also have teeth, which are pretty damn ADORABLE...

    Wordsatwork / Getty Images

    I just love their faces so much.

    ...and give them other special skills, like catching basketballs.

    Wrangel / Getty Images

    So talented.

    They are also very social and LOVE to make friends.

    Plasticsteak1 / Getty Images


    And they spend their days hunting, talking, maxing, and relaxing.

    Mrtekmekci / Getty Images

    This guy is just out here living his BEST whale life.

    So in conclusion, beluga whales are the best and I want to love and care for them with every fibre of my being.

    Sandraminarik / Getty Images

    Thank you for coming to my beluga whale Ted Talk.

    Stask / Getty Images


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