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    These Iconic Aussie Foods Just Made Hybrid Food Babies And I'm Drooling

    When two become one.

    When it comes to Aussie food icons, there are a few staples that live in our hearts and minds rent free. One is Coco Pops cereal.

    Another is Golden Gaytime ice cream.

    Now I don't want to be dramatic, but Coco Pops and Gaytime have collabbed on not one, but TWO tasty new treats — and this may have just changed Australian culinary culture forever.


    They are also quite possibly some of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.

    The first, the Gaytime-flavoured Coco Pops cereal, would have been my dream breakfast as a child.


    This cereal tastes exactly like that classic Gaytime flavour we all know and love — especially when you let the milk soak up that creamy, toffee flavour.

    The second, the Coco Pops-flavoured Gaytime ice cream, may be the best Gaytime flavour remix we've ever received.


    With the classic crumb and the chocolate milkshake-flavoured ice cream, this is the ultimate afternoon snack.

    The ice cream will be dropping into supermarkets from 1st March 2021 and servos from 15 March 2021, but you can find the cereal on supermarket shelves right now.


    BRB just pouring myself another bowl.


    Give it to me, baby.

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