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    Updated on 4 Oct 2019. Posted on 4 Oct 2019

    Menulog And Hungry Jacks Are Giving Away Free Burgers All Weekend And Our Bodies Are Prepared


    If there's two things Aussies love, it's a long weekend and free food.


    Never in my life have I spoken a more accurate word.

    For those of us living in Sydney, we hath been blessed by the fast food gods, because a random bus is giving out FREE BURGERS all bloody weekend!


    This collab between Menulog and Hungry Jacks is celebrating the fact that Aussies can now order from Menulog until 2 a.m. every night — which I, for one, am here for.

    Sydney-siders can pick up free Whopper Burgers from today until Monday morning, between the hours of 7:45 p.m. – 2 a.m.

    And the best thing about it? These burgers are coming out of a van that's a reincarnation of the iconic Vengabus.

    EMI / Via

    "But will they be playing We Like To Party while they give out the burgers?" I hear you ask.

    EMI / Via

    Well...yes and no. They're playing a remix of the classic song, which features the lyrics "We like to ~patty~".

    Is it a little corny? Yes. Am I into it? Also yes.


    The Burger Bus will be travelling to different locals around Sydney, so keep an eye out on Menulog's Instagram Stories to find out where you can track it down.


    Come at me, juicy bun of deliciousness.

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