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    Aussie Twitter Is Losing Its Mind Over Whether We Actually Grew Up With Mac 'N' Cheese

    Umm...was this a thing I missed?

    As an Aussie that grew up in the golden age of ABC Kids and Nickelodeon, I somehow knew that mac 'n' cheese was a thing that people frothed over — even though I had never tried it myself.

    Last night, Adam Liaw — Aussie chef, TV personality and national treasure — dropped a mac 'n' cheese truth bomb that sent Australian Twitter into collective overdrive.

    I submit to you that mac'n cheese was nowhere near as iconic in the childhoods of most Australians as TV shows and food writers would have you believe.

    And Adam, the voice of the people, spoke to something deep inside every Aussie — because most of Twitter agreed with him.

    @adamliaw I never had it growing up, I just read about it in books like Babysitters Club.

    Twitter: @uptownerd

    @adamliaw We never had it. First time I made it as an adult I had to look up a recipe.

    Twitter: @jennifermacey

    @adamliaw like my brother and I used to make plain pasta and grate an unfathomable amount of parmesan on it, but that was about the closest we got

    Twitter: @LudicrousLouisa

    Some acknowledged its nostalgic significance in North American culture.

    @adamliaw I thought it was an American icon. Our TV shows just copy them.

    Twitter: @anoceanian

    @adamliaw Im 51 and have only made it twice in my lifetime. It's an American food. Was never a thing in my childhood. 🤷‍♀️

    Twitter: @MichelleOC13

    @adamliaw 💯. I'm married to a Nth American and he gets weird for the packet weirdness and all I taste is salt and sadness. I don't think I even tried it until my late teens. Avoid at all costs.

    Twitter: @jessonthegoaus

    While others were confused about its culinary appeal.

    @EGirl76 @adamliaw It’s literally cheese and pasta and I don’t understand what the fuss is.

    Twitter: @LibDanielleJ

    @adamliaw I’ve never had it and never want to.

    Twitter: @nlship

    @adamliaw maggi 2 minute noodles erasure!!!

    Twitter: @balfies

    It also sparked a debate about which dishes are more important to our collective history, with Australians suggesting that tuna mornay, Continental Alfredo and cheese toasties have more weight than mac 'n' cheese.

    @adamliaw Never had mac and cheese as a kid, but mum would give us this one as a side to whatever meat and greens:

    Twitter: @Kimmylea4

    @ChemistryNathan @adamliaw Chow mein in ours

    Twitter: @andyl2512
    Twitter: @ChristiaanVanV

    @adamliaw Nobody has mentioned porcupine meatballs and I'm disappointed.

    Twitter: @kathangus

    @adamliaw Fairy bread was the most Aussie thing in my woggy house hold

    Twitter: @theodora_hatzis

    @adamliaw I never had mac and cheese as a child but we had this with spaghetti A LOT 🍝

    Twitter: @philippa_moore

    @adamliaw Vegimite on toast standard snack. Sandwich was a meal.

    Twitter: @HMac500

    @adamliaw Toasted cheese and a glass of milo was big in my day.

    Twitter: @Pamela28306000

    @adamliaw Frozen fish fingers and hamburgers with peas and mashed potato

    Twitter: @NeroliRoocke
    Twitter: @somewhat_fancy

    @adamliaw Zero memory of mac'n cheese from childhood. My fave childhood food memories involve smoked salmon bagels, Yorkshire puddings and yum cha chicken feet

    Twitter: @gspurves

    @adamliaw Chicken Riso-Riso Canton SweetnSour Pork Apricot Chicken (French onion soup base) Tacos 🌮 Chicken Tonight Paul Newman’s pasta sauce Latina Fresh Lennard’s McCain’s frozen baby carrots Spaghetti jaffles Vienetta Blue Ribbon Vanilla and Milo Neapolitan and jelly Sara-Lee Bavarian

    Twitter: @Jess_Rudd

    Are you an Aussie that grew up with mac 'n' cheese, or does that seem sacrilegious to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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