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10 Dog Breeds That Love To Cuddle

The most affectionate dogs to share your life with

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Nicknamed the "wiener dog," this smallest of the hounds is short on leg but long on personality. Dachshunds often bond closely with a single person and may even become jealous of their owner's attention to others.



Surprise! Even the most athletic Pit Bull craves being hugged and petted. They will cuddle up on your lap, whether they are too big for it or not! Don't let the bad rep fool you - read up here:



At 120-230 pounds, these large dogs might not exactly be able to fit on your lap - but they will curl up beside you and lean on you. Just beware - these dogs can clear out rooms when they let one go.

Boston Terrier


Loves to be loved - this breed is intelligent and a leader. This dog has "Small Dog Syndrome" where the dog believes he is pack leader to humans if not given leadership. These dogs are especially good with the elderly and strangers.



Remember Peter Pan anyone? Nana, the fictional Newfoundland employed as a nanny? These dogs are great family dogs, protective and great with children. They are also famously known to slobber all over you.

Rescue Dog


All dogs make great companions - and just because its not on this list does not mean they don't love to cuddle or curl up next to you.

Only 30% of pets in homes come from shelters or rescues - think about taking one home!

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