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Ramadan Dos And Don'ts

An illustrative guide.

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No doubt it's going to be a challenging month so here is some 'dos and don'ts' based on my own observations and experiences.

DO: Wake up to eat SOMETHING

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I know it's hard to get up at 3 AM but there is so much reward in waking up for sohoor/sehri (aka breakfast), even if you just have a glass of water. Also keep in mind that your body is already going to be deprived for 15+ hours (depending on your time zone) so why add on extra hours to your fast?

DON'T: Sleep Too Much

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Many people try and sleep through the fast until it's time to break it. The whole point of Ramadan is for worship and discipline - that includes feeling the hunger! Of course, it's OK to take naps to make up for lost sleep during nightly worship or due to the lack of energy, but don't over do it.

DO: Keep busy

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Whether you have a job, studying, doing light chores, hobbies or praying - keeping busy could help take your mind off the hunger and may even help the time move quicker.

However, avoid doing things like watching too much TV or playing too much computer games - try to incorporate some worthwhile productivity into your days instead.

DON'T: Eat heavy and unhealthy foods

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We all have too much hunger in our eyes come Iftar time but eating too much or even the wrong kind of foods could make you feel worse.

Break your fast with gentle meals such as soup or a small bowl of noodles. Fruit is a great option as it will help replenish all the water and goodness that you were missing out on.

Try planning meals in advance, stocking up on non-perishable foods such as noodles, soup and other packet/tinned items.

Avoid heavy, greasy foods such as fast food, kebabs, mountains of rice... although, once in a while or even in very small portions can be OK - just know your limits.

DO: Prepare your body

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Start preparing yourself a few days, or even a few weeks, ahead of Ramadan by reducing your food portions. You could also fast, either full days (more rewarding) or half days, just to get your body used to it.

Be sure to get in as much water in your system as well!

DON'T: Complain too much

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We get it: you're hungry, it's been a long day, you're tired and your stomach won't stop growling at you... but refrain from letting everyone know every 5 minutes, especially if you're complaining amongst your fellow Muslims - WE KNOW, OKAY.

Think back to the third point of this article: to keep yourself busy.

This also applies to non-Muslims/those who aren't fasting. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU'RE HUNGRY WHEN YOUR LAST MEAL WAS TWO HOURS AGO.

This has been a PSA.

DON'T: Judge others

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Avoid making assumptions about people. Ramadan isn't about who is better and who is not. Some people may have reasons for not fasting (periods, illness, medication, etc) and others are using the month as a starting point to be better Muslims, or even just better people in general.

Just remember, nothing productive or positive can come out of judging others harshly.

DO: Take Ramadan for what it is

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It's the opportunity to become a better person: spiritually, emotionally and physically. Islamically, it's the most rewarding time where good deeds, efforts and prayers are multiplied - so take advantage of it.

Comment some of your Ramadan tips and may you have a blessed month! ❤

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