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New Coat, Who Dis?

Do's and Don'ts for NYFW and what closet secret will be your BFF!

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the flyest of them all? With NYFW around the corner, there’s so much stress to better your wardrobe and keep up with the celebrities that you just may run into.

Unless you have a measly $1k or more lying around in one of your Chanel bags that you never use, or a full time I-dream-of-Jeannie stylist popping up whenever your favorite Kardashian inspired look comes to mind, there’s a few hints and tricks that can bring your look full circle.

It’s all about the fur coat. Fortunately and unfortunately, New York has the perfect weather for the dopest coats to come out of hiding during fashion week and the bolder the better! Chiara Ferragni, one of the largest fashion influencers and fashion designers, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner of course, are just a few top dolls that are sporting this trend. Based on their most recent looks, its best to be a bit different or colorful, making your fur coat the statement piece. Fashion is really about how you feel, and if we’ve learned nothing from these celebs we’ve learned that outfits are made out of anything, but knowing how to put it together and having that perfect statement piece is a major key! So here are six simple rules for NYFW to help you stand out, but still blend in!

1. Simple is Sexy - No one wants to be the “it’s my first time at fashion week so let’s wear ALL things designer at one time,” kinda girl. She's the first to stand out and not in a good way. Even if you are an amateur, don’t scream “I’m an amateur!”

2. Every Heel isn’t for Everybody - It’s New York, babe. Unless you’ve got those fashionable sneaks that can transform into skates, which by the way aren’t fashionable and you shouldn’t have them, wear the RIGHT heel. You might be walking and just because Rihanna wears them, Loubs aren’t always so friendly.

3. Sunnies are LIT - Have a dope pair of shades in your bag. This literally always pulls any look together.

4. Know Whose Party/Show You’re Attending - Because dressing in cool street fashion for an Adidas show and attending a Balenciaga presentation are two different kinds of swag

5. Have a Statement Piece - This is where that fur coat comes into play, but a cute bag works too!

6. Less Effort Wins - Just relax. The people that don’t try so hard are the people who have been to this gig more than once. Don’t give yourself away trying to fit in and end up standing all the way out. Fur-real!

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