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6 Awesome Bands Back From Hiatus

As Thrice goes on indefinite hiatus next month, here are some bands, in no particular order, that we're (mostly) happy to have back.

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1. Further Seems Forever / Via

After a 6-year break, Further Seems Forever is reuniting with original frontman (and evil mastermind of Dashboard Confessional) Chris Carrabba. The band didn't really kick ass until How to Start a Fire, which was post-Carrabba, and I can't imagine them returning to that level of intensity with a guy who sits alone and wonders how you're making out, but hey ... welcome back, FSF.

2. Five Iron Frenzy

FIF was the funnest band of its day, and despite being Christian, they weren't annoying about it or overly serious. In fact, it was their humorous to approach to almost everything that was part of their appeal. They're recording a new album after they famously accomplished their Kickstarter goal of $30,000 in under one hour. They went on to exceed that goal by more than $50k.

4. emberghost / Via Facebook: emberghost

OK, so you may not have heard of this band, but they were very well established in the Portland, OR., rock scene circa 2006. They went on hiatus after their co-vocalist Sarah Jennings was diagnosed with brain cancer. Tragically, she died a few years later and the band has launched an impressive Kickstarter campaign for an acoustic retrospective album to celebrate the work they did together and find some closure. Word is once they're finished with it, they'll announce a new lineup that will include lead singer Parker and metal goddess Kristen Randall.

5. Sigur Ros

Ah, the Victory Rose.

None of us knew if the infallible Icelandic legends Sigur Ros would be back after lead singer Jonsi launched an ambitious solo project with an incredible and inspired live show. And while Jonsi was (and is) awesome, there is something very, very special about Sigur Ros as a collective. Songs like Andvari and, well ... everything on Takk, really ... it's like Nordic funeral music from the future. And considering that most of us can't understand a word that's being said (it's in Icelandic, mostly) makes it all that much more mysterious and beautiful.

Among several other venues around the country, Sigur Ros will be playing the Hollywood Forever Cemetary this summer, and if anyone has an extra ticket, I'll take it!

6. Ben Folds Five / Via

People love Ben Folds. And Ben Folds Five. And Ben Folds' impossibly nasally voice. But if I ever have to hear that " after Christmas..." song again, it will be justifiable homicide. But ... apparently I am in the vast minority on this one, so I've included the trio on this list, who is back in action after Ben Folds got tired of releasing solo albums.

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