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When Politicians Tell The American People To Shut Up

Did you see the video of Rep. Darrell Issa silencing a Democratic Congressmen by cutting of his mic and refusing to let him speak? It’s truly unbelievable. But this isn’t the first time Rep. Issa has acted like such a bully. He and anti-choice politicians have used all sorts of different tactics to shut down progressive voices from changing the rules, refusing to allow progressive testimony, and even censoring a state official for using the word “vagina!” Check out these instances where conservative politicians shut down progressive voices:

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You might say this all began when Rep. Darrell Issa held a hearing on the contraceptive coverage benefit under the Affordable Care Act, and featured a now-infamous all-male panel of religious leaders.

Why weren’t there any women on a panel about women’s health? Because Rep. Issa refused to allow Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke to testify on behalf of her fellow students who need contraceptives for medical reasons, saying she was unqualified.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton were so appalled they walked out of the original hearing after demanding, "Where are the women?"

That’s how they do it in Congress. Republican politicians have tried time and again to shut down democratic voices across the country.

Some of these politicians can’t even handle using accurate medical terminology to talk about lady parts (even though they are obsessed with them)!

Aren’t Midwesterners supposed to be polite? Not these guys in Wisconsin. In order to get their way and pass forced-ultrasound legislation, anti-choice politicians cut off debate.

The Wisconsin Senate President actually screamed, “It’s non-debatable! Call the roll! You’re out of order!” to silence his pro-choice colleagues.

When screaming won’t work, why not just cheat? Well, that’s exactly what anti-choice politicians did in North Carolina.

When it comes to forcing their ideology on others and blocking people from saying anything they disagree wish, one thing is clear when it comes to some anti-choice politicians:

There is no tactic too low when it comes to restricting people's rights to free speech and reproductive freedom.

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