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What You Should Know About Choice In The States (Infographics)

Does it feel like you’re reading about some new attacks on your reproductive rights almost weekly? That’s because you are. Last year, states passed 53 anti-choice measures – that’s more than one for each week of the year! We keep track of all of the bad – and good – laws that are being enacted in Who Decides? The Status of Reproductive Rights in the United States. Here’s what state lawmakers have been up to:

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Since 1995, states have enacted a total of 808 anti-choice measures that restrict reproductive freedom.

Even though 7 in 10 Americans believe that abortion should remain safe and legal, anti-choice politicians continue to push extreme anti-choice measures that are completely out-of-touch with their constituents’ values. Here is the total number of anti-choice measures that have been enacted since 1995:

Last year, 24 states enacted 53 anti-choice measures - including abortion bans throughout pregnancy, attempts to close reproductive-health clinics through anti-choice restrictions, abortion coverage bans, and laws that support anti-choice fake clinics.

These are the states where, unfortunately, we’ve had to play defense. But in 2013, we saw some states find ways to import women’s lives.

10 states enacted 16 pro-choice measures in 2013 – that’s twice the amount of pro-choice measures passed in 2012!

Here is the cumulative number of pro-choice measures enacted since 2004. Note: This graph only includes state measures - not local ordinances.

One of the key pro-choice laws enacted in 2013 expanded abortion access by letting qualified medical professionals like midwives and nurses provide early abortion care in California.

And pro-choice elected officials in Hawaii passed a law that guarantees access to emergency contraception in emergency rooms for survivors of rape.

In 2014, we’ll keep going on offense alongside our state affiliates where we have pro-choice majorities and we’ll keep fighting attacks where they arise.

That’s why we need your help to show anti-choice politicians just how out of touch they are with American values of freedom and privacy.

We’re going to work harder than ever to protect and expand women’s reproductive rights in 2014, who’s with us?

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