Supporters Of The 20-Week Abortion Ban Just Don’t Get It

Did you see voters in Albuquerque give the boot to a ballot measure that would have banned abortion care after 20 weeks? This win is a big deal: extreme anti-choice forces threw everything they had into the fight…and they lost big time.

1. Anti-choice groups like Operation Rescue are going into states across the country to infiltrate and influence local politics.

2. They settled on Albuquerque, and not because they love “Breaking Bad.” But they did want to control people’s lives.

3. They harassed Albuquerque residents with inappropriate signs and leaflets.

6. Go, Albuquerque! You stopped what would’ve been the first city-wide abortion ban!

7. Not surprisingly, anti-choice groups are still like

8. And they keep pushing their anti-choice agenda on women across the country.

9. Like this guy. Sen. Lindsey Graham decided he would introduce a nationwide ban on abortion after 20 weeks.

10. So some pro-choice members of Congress decided

11. And they introduced a pro-choice bill that will block attacks on reproductive freedom in the states.

12. Don’t you just love it? It’s the Women’s Health Protection Act.

13. Because no one should be denied safe health care, including abortion, one of the safest medical procedures, because of someone else’s personal ideology.

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