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Pro-Choice Wins Of 2013 As Told By The Muppets

Despite many efforts to restrict a woman’s right to choose and limit access to reproductive-health care, we won many pro-choice victories for women’s reproductive rights in 2013! Join us in celebrating the holidays and these pro-choice wins - brought to you by our favorite Muppets:

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This summer, extreme anti-choice politicians in the Texas legislature passed one of the most dangerous anti-choice laws in the country that has already forced providers to cancel health-care appointments across the state.

We also celebrated a huge pro-choice victory of 2013 with the election of pro-choice Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, where women’s rights and access to abortion are on the line.

Like his role in helping to close abortion clinics across the state, blocking access to birth control and supporting “crisis pregnancy centers” that use misinformation and shame to talk women out of abortion.

We worked with a coalition of progressive partners to ask that Judge Peter Bataillon be sanctioned for putting his political beliefs above the rule of law and a young woman's welfare.

We gathered nearly 87,000 petition signatures demanding justice! The commission denied the request to investigate, but our effort with RH Reality Check and Credo Mobile was a show of our power that we’ll build on in 2014.

So we led an effort to flood the Obama administration with comments against the attack - submitting more than eight pro-choice comments for each anti-choice one received.

All in all, 2013 was a great year for getting the word out about these anti-choice attacks and for the pro-choice community coming together to protect women’s reproductive freedom. Will you join us in 2014?