Google Upholds Truth-In-Advertising Policy – Anti-Choicers Cry Foul

Because misleading women about their reproductive health and safety is a core function of the anti-choice movement.

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ICYMI: NARAL Pro-Choice America announced that Google responded to our request to remove deceptive ads from “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs).


CPCs are anti-choice fake clinics that mislead women about where they can find accurate information about their reproductive health options and abortion services. More than two-thirds of the ads we identified have now been removed or taken down!

The anti-choice movement has wasted no time to attack Google for upholding their common-sense policy, and protecting their internet users from such deceptive ads.

Some anti-choice activists straight up deny that CPCs lie to and shame women out of choosing abortion care:

But the deception is obvious. When we searched for “abortion clinic” one of the top Google ads that popped up was for a crisis pregnancy center that does not provide abortion care. How much more misleading can you get?

One anti-choice organization that funds a lot of CPC advertisements offline joined the “we’re not part of the ‘War on Women’” bandwagon and tweeted that women are safer when they’re being lied to by CPCs about their reproductive health:

Crisis pregnancy centers are welcome to advertise all they want under terms like “abortion alternatives.” But that’s not what CPCs are about, and that’s why we need to stand with Google for taking action to protect truth in advertising.