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5 Reasons This Governor Is King Joffrey From Game Of Thrones

The universally-hated King Joffrey wasn’t the only one insulting just about everyone he ruled over. Gov. Brownback may never claim the Iron Throne, but he sure is reigning like a true Game of Thrones tyrant in Kansas.

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1. Wastes money on his personal agenda.


Gov. Brownback has given just about $1 million of taxpayers' money to lawyers who are fighting to defend unconstitutional anti-choice laws in the courts.

2. Doesn’t help the poor.


At the same time, the poverty rate in Kansas has climbed every year he’s ruled. And like a true King he has increased taxes on the poor while cutting them for the rich.

3. Doesn’t know how to respect women.


From an unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban to blocks on Planned Parenthood funding, Gov. Brownback continues to sign anti-choice legislation that insults Kansan women and strips them of their reproductive rights.

4. Ignores children.


Gov. Brownback isn’t investing in children’s education. Far from it: a court in Kansas has ruled that funding for schools in Kansas is unconstitutionally low. Kansas’ schools are in a free fall.

5. The people he rules do not like him.


Brownback’s popularity is in a tail spin. His approval rating has dropped each year since he took office. It appears the people of Kansas are fed up with their king.

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