4 Ways Wendy Davis Fights For Women

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis was a champion for women’s rights long before she gained national attention and became the face of reproductive rights in 2013. Check out four ways Wendy has fought to make sure women are treated equally and fairly in the state of Texas.

1. 1) You probably heard about Wendy’s epic filibuster.

2. She led the fight against bills that would: shut down almost 90 percent of reproductive-health clinics that provide abortion care across the state of Texas…

3. …force a woman to get an ultrasound before she can have an abortion…

4. …and ban abortion care after 20 weeks.

5. Despite major backlash, Gov. Rick Perry and his allies pushed through the legislation, triggering the closure of all but a handful of clinics.

6. Being a pro-choice lawmaker in a sea of conservative politicians prepped Wendy Davis for her big fight for women’s health and safety.

7. 2) She also sponsored bi-partisan legislation similar to the Lilly Ledbetter Act that would ensure equal pay for equal work…

9. 3) Davis co-authored legislation that would require schools to teach comprehensive sex education to students to help combat the number of unintended teen pregnancies.

11. 4) Davis also authored legislation that would ensure that thousands of backlogged, untested rape kits are processed

12. …so survivors of rape can see their attackers brought to justice.

13. Wendy has been recognized by many progressive organizations for her work improving women’s lives in Texas and was endorsed by the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

14. Keep on keepin’ on Wendy! Thank you for being a champion for women!

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