9 Awesome Pro-Choice Measures Passed In The States

We work every day to make sure that women’s personal and private reproductive-health care decisions are honored. Adversely, anti-choice politicians in Congress and state legislatures believe they should have a say over decisions like whether to use birth control or access abortion. But we know that the majority of Americans don’t want politicians making decisions for them and access to reproductive–health care can have a direct impact on one’s ability to control their own destiny.

1. Check out some awesome recently enacted pro-choice measures:

2. 1) Hawaii enacted a law to guarantee emergency contraception in the emergency room for sexual assault survivors.

The new law is the third way in which the state ensures broad access to this important medication.

3. 2) Colorado enacted a law to fund comprehensive sex-education programs.

Colorado’s new law ensures that sex-education programs in the state will include medically accurate information about pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted infections. Because when young adults don’t know the facts, their reproductive health is at risk. We must empower young people to learn about their reproductive-health without fear of shame or misinformation found in many “abstinence-only” programs.

4. 3) Illinois also enacted a law replacing the state’s “abstinence-only” program with a sex-education curriculum.

Now, students in Illinois will be given comprehensive, medically accurate information about birth control and how to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

5. 4) Bernalillo County, New Mexico enacted a measure to protect individuals’ homes from picketing, aiming to protect the safety of abortion providers.

6. 5) Portland, Maine also approved a proposal that puts into place a buffer zone to protect abortion providers in that city.

Buffer zones are crucial because they protect patients and medical professionals from anti-choice harassment and violence.

7. 6) Dane County, Wisconsin passed an ordinance requiring full and honest information from organizations contracting with the county.

This measure will ensure that anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) cannot get county contracts if they lie to or mislead women. CPCs often lie to and shame women to block them from considering all their reproductive-health care options.

8. 7) New Hampshire enacted a law expands low-income women’s access to family-planning services.

9. 8) California enacted a law that will increase the number of medical professionals who can provide early abortion care, including nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, and physician assistants.

This law gives women in areas where there are few doctors the ability to get care from someone they know and trust, in their own communities.

10. 9) California also enacted a law making permanent an existing clinic-violence law, which, among other important provisions, requires law-enforcement personnel to be trained in responding to incidents of anti-choice violence at health centers.

11. We’re ecstatic to see so many pro-choice laws enacted in the states, but we won’t stop there.

We’re going to work harder than ever to see even more pro-choice measures passed in 2014. And with your help, we hope to see many more states enact laws that protect women’s reproductive-health and safety.

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