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Ryan Hemsworth Vs. Wave Racer Sounds Like Laughing And Crying At The Same Time

Forlorn producer Ryan Hemsworth's new remix will make you giggle then sob. And a heroic 7-year-old kid drew a picture about it.

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He's about to release a 7" with Wave Racer, a sunny Australian producer.

Last Gang/Future Classic

For the release, Ryan and Wave Racer will each remix one of the other's songs.

The two met last year, in Australia. "He seemed like a really great, quiet, modest dude," Ryan said via email. They're teaming up for fun, "to make the 'producer game' interesting."

Here's Ryan's squealing remix of Wave Racer's "Streamers," debuting on BuzzFeed:


Wave Racer usually makes shiny, optimistic club music. Ryan's specialty in the opposite: sweet and sulky stuff.

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The cover art for Ryan's "Streamers" remix was drawn by Yung Lenox, a 7-year-old hero who likes to color.


Lenox's dad is a big rap fan, and the two listen to Wu-Tang while Lenox draws pictures of people like Morrissey, E-40 and Beyoncé. They are so good:

Wave Racer will be big in the U.S. soon, but for now he's major in Australia.


Check him out on Ryan Hemsworth's upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand:

Ryan Hemsworth Australia/New Zealand Tour 2014:

Feb 21 - Oh hello, Brisbane

Feb 22 - Star bar, Bendigo

Feb 25 - Sammy's, Dunedin

Feb 26 - The Hunter Lounge, Wellington

Feb 27 - Studio, Auckland

Feb 28 - The Flinders Social, Townsville

Mar 1 - Ivy Pool, Sydney

Mar 1 - Secret Garden Festival, Brownlow Farm

Mar 2 - King Street Hotel, Newcastle

Mar 5 - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne ****** WITH WAVE RACER

Mar 6 - Sugar, Adelaide

Mar 7 - Hand Picked, Perth

Mar 8 - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Mar 9 - Trinity Bar, Canberra