7 Things Busta Rhymes Looked Like At The BET Awards

No. Chill.

1. “Bubble Bass from SpongeBob.”

2. “That black dude from Futurama.”

3. “The Cheesecake Factory bag.”

4. “The damn Dance Dance Revolution game.”

busta rhymes look like the damn dance dance revolution game

— KARMYN' (@Karmdaddy)

5. “The dad from That’s So Raven.”

Busta Rhymes look like the dad from That's So Raven

— Cesar Nava (@_cesarnava_)

6. “Funky Kong.”

Busta Rhymes look like Funky Kong

— Cheeno (@xCheeno)

7. “A uncle Leroy or a auntie Ionna.”

busta rhymes look like a uncle Leroy or a auntie lonna

— wild. (@dellgotti)

Y𠆚ll need to leave Busta alone!

— allhiphopcom (@allhiphopcom)

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